Tuesday, December 05, 2006

'Tis the season to [help yourself to a feeling]

Live consciously. Buy wisely. Make a difference.

That's the way they rock over at New American Dream.

These good folks have put together a brochure called Simplify the Holidays. And who wouldn't be interested in that? Just people who despise simplicity, I suppose. (Only tiny downside -- if you want to think of it that way -- is that you'll need to sign up with them to view that particular brochure.)

Below are links to specific, short articles of theirs that you can read without having to register or anything. These are sure to put you in the holiday spirit -- only you may not recognize it as that, because it will be a spirit where you aren't collapsing under the weight of your own chest pains and panic.

Holiday Tips and Resources

Good gifting: Spending time instead of money

Inexpensive, Creative and Eco-friendly Gift Ideas

Ho ho ho, it's the holidays!
(How come it's not pronounced hole-idays? Or is it?)


Kim said...

Thank you; that does make me feel better. I cannot wait to tell my family they're getting "time" for Christmas. I think my sister is going to be really, really thrilled. Oh, BTW, where do I find more "time" because I seem to be fresh out? Thanks for always making me smile.

Dr. B. said...


Hi-larious! I think your sister should be grateful for a stocking full of time! You'll see. Test it out. I dare you!

You're very welcome. :)

Nano said...

Now this is my kind of Hole-iday celebration. (I'm gonna start saying it like that and irritate my relatives and friends more than I already do with my hole-iday rantings) It's not that I'm cheap. I just refuse to buy into the commercialism/ consumerism part of all of it. Anyway, I give to my loved ones all year long, when the mood strikes. This time of year, I like to give to charity organizations. And I try to do it hands on so it all goes to the right places. So there. And thanks for the website.