Thursday, October 18, 2007

Here's that green beanie.

By popular request, a drawing of the beanie:Pretty amazing. So life-like. So real this drawing, no? With about 3 minutes you too could draw such a beanie. I know it's hard to believe. But it's true.

With a few hours, you could knit the beanie.

The color is darker and more olive than that photo suggests. It's more like the leftover yarn below:

Pattern: Basic Hat -- free pattern from Stitch Cafe.

Yarn: Suss Love (100% Tactel Nylon) in Olive color. Each hank is about 126 yards, and I used a little more than one hank. This yarn is crazy, crazy soft. From Suss.

Mods: I cast on 68 instead of 66, and did a 2x2 rib instead of a 3x3. Oh! And I held two strands together which made the hat heftier.

The top is one of those where you draw the yarn through the stitches and pull it tight -- like a drawstring -- to close it up.

That method usually leaves a hole in the top for me. But somehow it worked out fine here. However, the method apparently also turned the hat from olive green to charcoal grey (or so the photo would have you believe). So be careful with that.

I am hoping the softness will bring comfort and warmth to the young guy who's receiving it. The son of a dear colleague and friend, this guy is just starting on a long road of chemo. As you all know, a hat isn't much, but it can make a difference.

The other thing this hat can do? Jump-start Operation Finish Those Items (OFTI). Right? Why not? Because I never finish anything, you say? Did you see the hat I just finished? Doesn't that tell you something?! Harumph.

Of course you're right. I shouldn't get ahead of myself here. I thank you for your continued candor and support.



RobynR said...

Splendid sketch. Didn't need it explained or anything.

Pam said...

A very soft hat is just the thing. It is a small thing, but that's all that can be done(small kindnesses, not hats, necessarily). The encouragement behind it does make a huge difference to someone in a difficult situation.

I hope your friend's son finds himself well when this is over.

BigAlice said...

It's a lovely beanie. And the difference between you and me is that your sketches actually *look* like the finished product.
I need to join up with OFTI. I have two (2!) pairs of socks that are finished except for 10 rows or so of the toe. The second sock on both. Oh the ignomy.

kim said...

I love it! I'm sure he will appreciate such a kind and thoughtful gesture.

I had not been warned that that method of closure changes the hat color. Thanks for yet another very helpful tip.

tiennie said...

If I do a sketch too and send it off, will it guarantee a spot in an art school for me? Great drawing and beanie!

Nora said...

Great hat Dr. Fantastic sketch - very life-like!
But I'm slightly more interested in the Habu kit that arrived this weekend! Do you love it? What colours are you using?? Have you attended the trunk show yet???

micaelea said...

Speaking of never finishing, I still need to sew the pocket on that apron we made LAST christmas...


Kristy said...

The hat is beautiful! So sorry to hear about your young friend. I'm sure the hat will be much appreciated.

Felicia said...

LOL Love the beanie and the drawing :)