Saturday, October 20, 2007

Let's just say it's finished. For OFTI's sake.

What's that? You thought I'd never finish the Chevron Scarf?

Me either, frankly.

But I did! Well, I mostly did.

It just needs to be blocked.

Funny. The moment I started thinking about blocking, the whole thing kinda went dark. Huh.

: Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in Velvet Leaf and Castagna - 1 hank of each. I followed my PIC's lead on this one and just stopped once the yarn ran out. No measuring. Just "that looks fine"-ing.

Needles: Addi Turbos (Ha ha, hilarious. Imagine if I hadn't used the "turbos" how long it would've taken me) US size 5.

Modifications: I did not, as the pattern suggested, make it "at the last minute". Unless minutes are now measured in 6-month increments. If so, then I suppose I didn't make any modifications to this pattern, as it took me 6 months to complete this scarf.

Measurements: Without having blocked it and without stretching it at all, this scarf is 35"+35"+7". Why 35 plus 35 plus 7? Because I just measured it using my big quilting grid/mat thingie which only goes up to 35". Imagine my surprise when I added it up and it's just 1/2" short of what the pattern calls for! That half inch will surely appear once I get to blocking. Good one, me!

What do you think the chances are that I'll block it? I'd like to think good. After six months and all this gritching, I'd like to say there's a good chance I'll block this scarf. Although this would suggest otherwise. So it's hard to know, people. Hard to know.


Stella said...

see the problem is that while you're blocking a scarf, you're not WEARING it. which with one so pretty and cuddly looking as this, would be a shame indeed...

Ashley said...


Don't block it--steam it with the steam the iron! Takes 2 seconds and works perfectly well.

Nano said...

Ha! I just finished my Chevron Sequel as well. Not blocked due to lack of space at the moment.

Love your colors. It looks magnificent! I'm betting you'll block it, for sure, before the end of 2008.

kim said...

I agree with Ashley. I almost never block scarves. I think this one was worth the wait. Your color combination is my favorite to date. Is it for you or a gift?

Kirsten said...

Oh, get that scarf blocked, Ashley's way or otherwise. It's a beauty!

I don't blame you for taking so long. That damn pattern gets so boring after a while. It is worth it in the end though.

Nora said...

I don't think I've ever blocked anything in my entire knitting life! Steam, or just plain ol' iron it!

tiennie said...

Your chevron is the prettiest one ever! I just steamed my scarf - maybe even ironed it a bit.

Stacey said...

that is beautiful - I love the colors! it looks super soft!

Felicia said...

Beautiful :)

Kristy said...

Oh hurray! Simply gorgeous! I knew I liked that chevron scarf and yours only solidifies that belief. Fabulous.

And don't tell anyone this as it may tarnish my reputation as a knitter BUT...I have always secretly thought that blocking was largely overrated. Lace being the only real exception, imho.

Also, I am happy to see Quiltie is making nice and hanging out with his handcrafted friends. I think that shows real progress on his part.

micaelea said...

it's SO pretty!