Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Starting in Japanese

Upon hearing that my PIC and I were planning to spend our Crafting Day sewing some little girl clothes from a Japanese pattern book, my PIC's sister had this to say to us:

"I'm sure you'll do a really good job, and that you won't even be able to tell you resorted to using staples and glue."

Believe me, if she hadn't been the one who brought us all that yarn from Argentina, my earrings and high-heels would've come off so fast, and it would've been on. How dare she imply we don't know what we're doing! Oh, I woulda fought her if it weren't for that yarn. (Please note: Dr. B. does not fight. Even in the face of a crafting affront. It has been said that Dr. B. keeps it classy, and classy it shall be kept. Oh. And, my PIC and I kinda don't know what we're doing.)

All that said, you can imagine how good it felt at the end of our Crafting Day to bask in the glory of our team effort: this staple-free, glue-absent toddler dress.

Holy shit, right? There's elastic in there and everything!

For a couple of sewing hacks like my PIC and me, our items were quite the spectacular achievement!

We also made pants!

There are some flaws that I am concealing here because I care for my PIC a great deal, and she would not be pleased if I aired her dirty, dirty sewing errors for all to see. You should just know there's some stuff in there that a weaker team would've stapled and/or glued.

In this process, we learned some things. We broke some things. We used some things we'd never used before. Mostly we realized we really should learn to sew. Because if we knew how to sew, the fact that the patterns were entirely in Japanese surely would not have been so painfully mind-bending.

You gotta give it to us, though. We will throw twelve obstacles in our own way and then gloat when we overcome them. Oh, we've got that bit down.


Risa said...

The dress is too cute. Nice team work there.
I did notice, though, that you blame all the dirty sewing errors on your PIC. Is that very nice?

kim said...

I'm so glad you didn't have to do the Dr. B Smackdown because that really was quite the yarn acquisition. And the outfit is just adorable. So, it's all good.

Dr. B. said...

Oh, Risa - I can see how you might be concerned that I've thrown my PIC under the bus here. But rest assured, she would actually tell you the same thing, and we have lots of good & big laughs about it. I promise no feelings were harmed in the writing of this post. But thank you for making sure! :)

Carol said...

You don't pick the easy ones to start out with, do you? I mean, a JAPANESE pattern as the basis bfor a sewing newby? Brave, though. And ultimately successful, so I guess the nothing ventured, nothing gained school of thought wins on this one!

tiennie said...

Sending you some props! Those are awesome! No glue or staples in sight!

marisa said...

Bah, those kid things wear big thick diapers, they'd never notice a staple or two in the buttular area. Perfection is overrated, especially when they're going to outgrow them by dinnertime, right? That's what I'm sticking to.

Anyway, just wanted to delurk and tell you how much I love your blog! I have read entire posts out loud, and even my "what, more string?" husband laughs. Awesome.

Dr. B. said...

Thanks for all the propers, everyone! Much appreciated!

And De-lurking Marisa - Thank you for your very sweet comment. It made my day!

Kirsten said...

It looks like you and your PIC did a grand job, despite the Japanese instructions and the affront.
Those are some mighty fine toddler togs.

Nora said...

Ooohhh, so beautiful!

I smiled all the way through this post - the fact that you're sewing from Japanese craft books has made my day!

Kristy said...

Too Precious, precious, precious!! Wow! I am so impressed. And a Japanese pattern? You never fail to amaze me.

Maybe this is a silly question but do you and your PIC have an intended recipient of this crafty fabulousness?

BigAlice said...

Aw, the dress is cute. And the pants look great.