Friday, January 22, 2010

It begins

I have a question for you. It's kind of like a story problem.

Let's say you own a store. For the sake of this question, let's say it's a yarn store. You sell yarn.

You with me? Great.

Ok, so let's say that you decide that your yarn store will be open Monday through Saturday. You need to rest one day a week, so that day will be Sunday. You further decide you'll be open from 12-6pm. You want to be able to sleep in and have some time to relax in the evenings. Very reasonable. Monday through Saturday, 12-6. These will be your business hours.

So, here's the question: If a person goes to your store on a Friday at 12:30pm planning to buy yarn, money in hand, soaked from the torrential downpour that is this week's weather in Los Angeles, what are the chances that that person will be able to enter your store and buy the yarn that you are selling?

Think about it. Show your work. Carry the 2... Don't get cocky.

The answer is:

0. Zero percent chance. Why? Because. Just because.

Here's the dialogue you might have supplied with your answer:

Me: Yeah, hi, I know you're not responsible for them or anything, but do you know if the store next door is planning on being open today? It says on the door that she's open Monday through Saturday, from 12 to 6, and it's 12:30 now.
Hip Guy at the store next door to the yarn store: Oh, yeah. They should be open. Try knocking.
Me: I did actually.
Hip Guy: Hm. Yeah. Sometimes they do that.
Me: Do that?
HG: Don't open even though there's someone there.
Me: ???
HG: There's someone there. Sometimes they just don't open. You could try knocking on the metal door around back.
Me: Really?
HG: Yeah.
Me: Ok, I'll try that. Thank you. I appreciate it. So sorry to bother you.
HG: No, no. People come in here all the time asking me that same question.
Me: ???!!!
HG: I guess she's just on her own schedule over there.

You did not have to include the fact that no one answered the back door in your answer.

Here is a follow-up question: You, with the yarn store over there. What are you, made of money?
Further: What, my money's no good with you?
And finally: Come ON, people. Really?!


Anonymous said...

Wow. just wow. There's no reason for that kind of behavior. None. vt

Xian Gal said...

Be kind; you don't know what kind of burden another person may be carrying. Hell, maybe she (notice how I assume a flaky yarn store owner is a woman?!?) has major depression and her anti-depressant stopped working! Still, it doesn't sound like a very good business plan, huh?
You know what it is? It's those forces that don't want us to move forward who put all sorts of obstacles in our way just when we're trying to step out, especially after a long time and when it feels particularly shaky and uncertain. They just want you to give up! Don't give up! We're here for you! We love you and your blog! Persevere!

RC said...

well. its LYS's like that, that give LYS's a bad name. seems like a good yarn shop is getting harder and harder to find.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least the experience made for a good yarn.

ba dump bump