Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Thanks for hanging in with me here, people. I'm getting back in the groove. It's all happening. I may not be posting every day, but I assure you, I am working to get back there.

In the meantime...

I was at the gym yesterday, waiting for my exercise class to start and chatting with a woman standing next to me. It was a very lovely conversation, friendly and jovial.

Woman: Have you been to that giant new grocery store down the street from you?
Me: No. I don't go into grocery stores.
Woman: What? Do you have any food in your house?
Me: I do!
Woman: How does it get there?
Me: My partner does all the shopping. It's great.
Woman: Do you cook?
Me: No, no. He does all the cooking. I really don't do any of that.
Woman: Oh, wow. Do you do anything?!
Me: Ha HA! I must be good for something!

I found this exchange hilarious and delightful. I am good for so many things.

Here's one thing I'm good for that you didn't even know about:

 Graham cracker chewy bars

BOOM! I'm baking, y'all! This is new. Super new.

This baking thing started when my Sidekick and I moved into a new house a couple of months ago. Well, that's not entirely true. I seem to recall I made a lot of chocolate mousse when I was a child, so let's just say this is not my first baked-goods rodeo. It is worth noting, though, that the last time I was at said rodeo, I was probably wearing something with Holly Hobbie on it, so I can't get all big-headed about it or anything.

Here's the point: these bars are delicious. The link to the recipe is here. You should make them. Then you should eat them. Because, as I've mentioned, they are delicious.

Also, delicious?

That little poodle sitting in the sun. I was taking pictures of my chewy bars, and there he was, just staring out the window, right under the table. So sweet.

So my Sidekick may do all the cooking, but I am on the case with the baked goods. Well, that and the bread. (More on the bread another time.) Hooray and yum!


MGF said...

I "know" these bars. And truth to tell, there were delicious. I put whipped cream on mine.

MGF said...

Apparently, they were so good they rendered me unable to spellcheck.

Anonymous said...

I can name at least a million things you're good for. AT LEAST. I want one of those bars now. But I don't bake. Sad. I do go to the grocery store though. Seems unfair somehow. Baking is much more glamorous than food shopping. vt

xiangal said...

I have also come back to breaking bread! I just have to be careful no to eat all of it. Do I see some recipe swapping in my future? A girl can hope!

xiangal said...

PS A partner who shops and cooks? Sounds awesome!