Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just like riding a bike

Ok. Sure. But what if I never learned to ride a bike? Then what? Then when I go back to something after a long time, it's just like... like... driving a car? Reading a book? Making macaroni? These are not helpful, able though I may be to do each and every one of those things.

Now, when I tell you it's been a long time, I mean I haven't made anything in the last year and half. Really. Though the last thing I did make was kind of glorious.

In this photo you can actually see two things I made in August of '08: (1) Loksins socks. (2) A broken toe.

Funny story.

You know how when you're really looking forward to something, like say your very favorite dance class of all time that just happens to fall exactly on your 40th birthday for example, and you get all excited about it and can't stop talking about how it's your salvation and how it signals the beginning of a wonderful turning point in life? Well, that's when you break your toe getting out of bed. No dance class on your 40th. A black boot all summer long. No salvation. Only pain.

The socks, though. Those were awesome! They were the socks in question in this spectacular incident. And they were beautiful. (Pattern: Loksins. Yarn: Lisa Souza.)

I cannot begin to imagine what it would take to make such a sock today. I am so rusty, so out of the loop. But! We're... getting back on the horse? Looking on the bright side? Gladly paying tomorrow for a hamburger today? No. No. No.

I have to tell you. I had no idea that not learning how to ride a bike would come back to bite me like this. Not like this.


RC said...

OH, FPS just make something, anything, already! even a sandwich will count ;)

Anonymous said...

HOORAY! You're back. That's cause to celebrate! vt

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm Dee and I found your blog sometime last year. I had such awesome timing (not really) because at that time, you were gone. And I was all "aww, jeez." You have an awesome sense of humor that I decided I'd follow your blog and hoped that you'd make a return. And you have! So welcome back. ♥

Ashley said...

I'm going to suggest making a french knot, and I think you know why.

Jenn from North Pole, AK said...

OH.MY.GOSH. ! I can't believe you are finally back. I have kept you in my favorites for months and check every so often just waiting to see when you have returned. Seriously though your blog is delightful. Its funny, witty, informational and just down to earth with a twist of surrealism, just the way I like it! Keep it up.

Jamie said...

Hey, my socks are blogging again! Glad I scooted in there before you got rusty :)

Good to have you back!

aliborden said...

you don't know how to ride a bike?