Monday, February 01, 2010

I forgot

In the time I've been away from crafting, I've managed to completely forget some pretty fundamental things. How to thread my sewing machine. Where I put my knitting patterns. Things like that. But there are three really big things that I should've remembered but didn't, until today:

1. There are * a billion * beautiful items to make out there in the world.
2. The Purl Bee is a source of many of those beautiful items.
3. Purl wants all of my money. ALL of my money.

So, I want to make this garland, right?

Photo from The Purl Bee

Yes, yes. We all want to make this garland. Well, it's a MILLION dollars. So if you have an extra million lying around, this is the project for you. It calls for 10 colors of wool felt at $ 8.50 a pop. That's eighty-five dollars, y'all! For garland! For adorable garland, sure, but ow-wee.

I really want to make it, though. So I thought I'd be all clever and do some bargain shopping for wool felt. I figured it was worth a try.

First, I tried this place. Felt was a little less expensive there, but I couldn't really be sure about the colors. So, I couldn't pull the trigger.

Then I remembered that this place is right around the corner from me now. If it's good enough for the LA season of Project Runway, it should be good enough for me! I went there, thoughtfully looked at all the colors, carefully touched all the weights. Then, before I got in too deep, I checked the prices. Hey! $25-35 a yard! Great! Oh, wait. Not great. Not great at all. Still around the same price as my beloved Purl, I'm pretty sure. I left the store with the invisible thread that the garland pattern calls for, spending a whopping $1.92.

Can you imagine how beautiful my garland is going to be? It will be 5 strands of invisible thread draped from my dining room ceiling. It'll be grand. 

Harumph! The only thing that may save me here is a Purl gift certificate from a year and a half ago that I still have not redeemed. I could throw that at this problem and see where we get. But, really? Shouldn't there be some other way? (Please don't say acrylic felt. I'm so very afraid you'll say acrylic felt. Isn't it a fire hazard? Aaaaargh.)

This whole thing fills me with a gnawing, swirling, crazy mix of desire and trepidation. Hey, there it is! I'm pretty sure that very specific cocktail of feelings is the sign that I'm officially back! No matter what happens with the garland, it was all worth it to get to that.


Big Alice said...

Heh. I'm glad you're back.

I know that some quilting shops will carry a selection of small bits of wool felt for penny rugs. Kind of like the wool felt equivalent of a fat quarter bundle.

A quick google found me this: who seem to have 12x18 packs of felt.
(disclaimer: I have never ordered anything from these people nor do I know them in any way except for shiny Internet pages I google)
oooh they have sampler pack with all the colors, 6x9 size

I'm sure they're not the only ones to have this stuff, though, those penny rugs were really popular at least a few years ago.

Dr. B. said...

Oh, Big Alice!! Hi!!

You are my bacon-saver! Look at those awesome and affordable wool felt bundles you found! Wowee! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I am so all over that, it's not even funny.

Awesome people like you make the blogosphere a glorious place. Thank you! And yaaaay!!

Big Alice said...

I'm very happy to be of help. It is an adorable garland. :)

xiangal said...

I love projects that cost 4 times what you would pay for the finished item AND you have to do hours and hours of labor! I have a friend who makes these sweet needlepoint christmas ornaments that with the pattern and the yarn and the blocking end up costing like $65! They're cute, but really. What happened to doing all this stff as a way to enhance your qualityof life and SAVE money. Well, or at least not spend MORE...

Anonymous said...

That is so funny - I was going to make the exact same one... vt