Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cheese bread interlude

Before the big garland reveal, I must show you that asiago cheese bread I made back on Super Bowl Sunday.


It was made of win, not only because of its tastiness, but also because of its uncanny resemblance to an overstuffed bird and/or a blowfish.

Right?! You see it. The beak. The gills. It's all right there!

A crusty, soft, and cute little loaf of bread with chunks of cheese inside. Effing yum! 

It had a nice hint of black pepper flavor to it, and I'm told it went really well with the chili that our friend made. I recommend! 

Recipe is in this book. Super easy to make. If you like bread and you like cheese (and who doesn't), you should make it. 

And that's what the blowfish bird cheese bread and I have to say to you about that. Make it!


Big Alice said...

That is some beautiful bread.

I wait with bated breath for the thrilling conclusion of the garland.

Ben said...

Seriously, why would you ever go to a bakery again in your life when you can make a bread that looks like that?

Now I just need that chili recipe...

Dr. B. said...

Thank you, thank you for the compliments!

Big Alice -- I think you'll be pleased with the garland!

Ben -- You and I know a guy (name rhymes with Meffy Cranion) who could hook you up with the recipe. It was his chili that blew the socks off of all who ate it.

Xian Gal said...

Effing gorgeous!