Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Garland! The Garland!

I am so good at starting things. Really good. I can start a project with the best of 'em. The finishing is a different story. For example, I have a really beautiful Kushu Kushu scarf that I finished in 2008 that has but one more tiny step (blocking) to make it wearable. I don't know what my problem is.

Given this personal flaw, I was so proud of myself for finishing the garland so quickly. I mean, I really turned that thing around fast. I made four long strands of adorable garland in a few short days! But then the blogging of it? That tiny last step? Lagging!

Editor's note: There's a good joke to be made with "lagging blogging", but none of them are really doing it for me right this moment. There's the Ikea-product joke. Too obvious. There's the Lagging, Blogging, and Hauser, how can we help you? law firm joke. Meh. There's the some-guy's-name joke. Buh. Sorry about that. Feel free to leave your best Lagging Blogging joke in the comments, if you'd like.

Anyhoodles, I'm just gonna post a few little photos. Dipping my toe back in. Breaking the ice. Taking the first of the last steps.

Oh, it's SO cute in person! I'd promise more details and/or humor, but I am not to be trusted. Clearly.

But look at that garland!! Aaargh!

(Thanks for sticking with me. And thanks to all of you who continue to nudge me... Much love to you.)


Pam said...

It looks really happy!

Or rather -- it makes me happy to look at it ;-)

Dr. B. said...

Thank you, Pam! That makes me happy that it makes you happy! Wait until you see it hanging in my craft room. (And by "wait until", I obviously mean "as much as I'd like you to, don't hold your breath.") Thank you so much for your kindness.

Big Alice said...

Hey, that turned out so cute! Congratulations!

Heh, I could give you a run for your money on starting projects. Or, um, not quite finishing them. sigh.

Dr. B. said...

Thanks, Big Alice! It is thanks to you that it happened at all! Woo hoo!

JYGreen said...

Oh Dr. B, it is so good to have you back! I nearly gave up on you, but just now, I accidently clicked on your bookmark, and to my surprise, there you returned!! Yay for you! And yay for crafting!

Dr. B. said...

Hooray for accidental browsing, JYGreen!! What a wonderful thing! Hope all is good in your world, and we'll have to coordinate a crafting day soon.

Xian Gal said...

It's so festive and fun and colorful! Yea for you!

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