Friday, January 04, 2008


So, my back went out on Day 2 of the family visit this year. And not just let-me-take-some-Advil-and-we'll-be-good out. But boo-hoo-you're-gonna-have-to-put-my-socks-on-for-me out. And also things-were-kinda-improving-until-I-sneezed why-did-I-get-so-cocky out.

Ok. Fine. It is what it is. Lucky for me, I have a loving family who is not only understanding but is also insistent on comfort at all times. This is truly a blessing. (Hydrocodone is also a blessing. It won't rub your back and tell you it loves you, but it will quite willingly take the edge off.)

I was of many minds about the whole thing. I took it as a sign that I needed to slow down and as a reminder of the importance of flexibility (both literal and figurative). I was reminded that stress will sneak up on you whether you like it or not. And I also remembered that it's hard to stay fully engaged when you're in pain/on painkillers, even if you're really wanting to be engaged.

We were all handed an exercise in balance because of it, and I think we fared just fine.

One of the hilarious parts of the ordeal was that, in the midst of this fuzzy-brained, stabby-backed situation, I decided it would be a good idea to go buy a sewing machine.

What? Why not? I'll tell you why not. Because fully medicated, I was easily persuaded by the aforementioned loving and understanding people to accept a gift of one of the fanciest sewing machines in the world.

That whole excursion is worthy of its own post, and its own post it shall get.

What I really wanted you to see were the rest of the bedwarmers. (The Rest of the Bedwarmers is also a lovely modern dance I've choreographed and will be performing once my back is all better -- the dance has lots of bendy parts.)

This one was for my SIL and brother. I made it well before Christmas, using the old machine.

My SIL and brother loved it so much, we agreed they needed a second one.

So, my SIL and I went through all of my fabrics and made this one together. We used the new sewing machine/super-computer/waffle-maker. (As I mentioned, I'm convinced my new machine is so fancy, it must also make waffles.)

Those bears kill me. Particularly because they're in the woods.

I'd like to give myself credit for the improvement in the sewing of the piping, but I'm afraid I have to credit the waffle-maker. In fact, I have a sneaking feeling I'm well on my way to complete obsolescence because of the machine. That's OK. I'm pretty sure it isn't very funny. And, as far as I can tell, its fabric selection skills are weak. Weak!

Pattern: Bedwarmer. By Ashley Shannon.
Fabrics: Some deliciousness from Superbuzzy that was on sale back in August.
Piping: Wrights Maxi Piping (Mocha 765 and Olive 590) bought at my local fabric store.
Sewing machine: Waffle Maker 3000.


Nano said...

Great! You'll love the waffle maker, or clearly, you already do. The bedwarmers are cute and, well, very nicely executed! Love 'em.

kim said...

So sorry to hear about your back stabbiness. Those are some cute little bundles of warmth and cleverness. Kudos.

Leslie said...

Sorry to hear about your back--that's no fun! I do LOVE those bedwarmers, though. The bears are just the cutest.

Ashley said...

Hey! Hey! Bedwarmers! OMG they look so awesome and tidy--100% better than any I've ever made.

Bears. Woods. Heh.

Felicia said...

Oh man, nothing puts you down for the count faster than a torn up back. Hope you're resting up and taking it easy.

I truly adore those bead warmers. I'd wrestle your SIL for that monkey one! LOL

tiennie said...

Sorry about your back! I do hope you're feeling much better.

Cactusneedles said...

Those bears are wonderful!!!

Big Alice said...

Ugh, I'm sorry about your back. Back problems are the worst. Buy hey, congrats on the new sewing machine! The bears in the woods are awesome.

Rani said...

That's IT! I have got to dust off my sewing machine and figure out how to turn the damn thing on! I LOVE the little monkeys on that fabric! You are quite talented.