Monday, January 14, 2008

Oh my goodness.

"Are you OK?"
I'm talking to my dad on the phone, and he sounds very concerned.
"Yeah. I'm fine. Why?"
"You haven't had any blogs all week!"
"Oh, yeah. I've been meaning to post..."
"We were just wondering what happened."
"I've taken pictures of stuff, I just haven't managed to post them."
"Well, I'm glad you're OK."

Later that same afternoon, my mom calls me.
"Is everything OK?" she asks. She's quite serious.
"Yes. Why?"
"I kept checking your blog, and you didn't put anything new on it. We got really worried." (She obviously hadn't checked in with my dad.)
"I'm sorry. I'll be sure to get something up."
"We were just worried."

How sweet are they? And who knew the blog was such a useful measure of my well-being? At a minimum, I suppose, my posting lets them know I haven't fallen into a big hole somewhere.

Sorry for the delay in posting. I offer you my most humble apologies and -- for no reason other than it might distract you from any bad feelings -- this photo of my parents' grandpuppy (aka my sweet and wise doggie).

(Photos of handmade items to follow soon.)


Kirsten said...

Ha-ha! My mom is the same way. She complains if I don't post enough. The problem is, now she's become a blog critic! "You know, you haven't knit a sweater in a long time. Enough with the hats and socks already!" And of course, because she is my mother, I automatically feel guitly and begin searching the stash for enough yarn for a sweater!

Ashley said...

"You haven't had any blogs all week!"

Your dad is apparently syntactically identical to my dad.

kim said...

Actually... I was wondering the same thing so I'm glad your parents asked. Glad all is well.

What a cute baby!

Stacey said...

:) my parents are the same way. "where is the new post?" instead of "hey, how are you?" - pretty funny!

Leslie said...

Too funny! And that puppy...sooooo cute!

Nano said...

Your puppy is soooo very cute.

And glad all is well. Apparently I was as concerned as your parents, but couldn't make the call.

Cactusneedles said...

Don't you just love parents? Take care:)

Anonymous said...