Thursday, January 17, 2008


You know how when you haven't seen a friend in a long while and lots of things have happened in your life that you want to share, but there are so many things that it's actually kind of paralyzing, so you procrastinate and never make plans with the friend because it's too overwhelming, even though you want to see them and share the stuff real bad?


That's just me?

OK. So be it.

I think my delays in posting are related to how many finished items I'd like to share, and I also want to tell you about my fancy sewing machine. And. And. And. I haven't posted.

So, in the interest of keeping things moving, I'm gonna go with simplicity. (I've gotta start somewhere.)

I made a pincushion.

It's made of small scrapules of fabric.

It has embroidery floss wrapped around it.

It isn't as poofy as the pattern recommended.

I refrained from over-stuffing because, in the photo in the book, it looked like the pincushion was literally bursting at the seams. (My PIC and I couldn't figure out why a photo showing those flaws would make the final draft of a book. But what do we know? Do we have a book out? No. Well then. I should just shut it. ...Do you hear that? It's me. Shutting it.)

Pattern: Kelly's Pincushion. From Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts.
Fabrics: Broadcloth-weight fabrics (again, to help minimize the chances of seam-bursting).
Floss: DMC embroidery floss in some crimson color.
Pins: Clover Flower Head Straight Pins.
Sewing machine: Waffle-maker 3000.

I think we've taken a nice first step here, people. I'm optimistic. Creaky and slow-moving, but optimistic.


Kirsten said...

Awwww, those bears are so cute! Thanks for sharing. I wish there was a Ravelry for sewing projects, cuz I'd go queue the pattern right away.

tiennie said...

Yes! Get back to blogging. We are missing our blather magather fix.

Rooie said...

Love the bears. That looks as though it would also be a cute toy for a baby.

You know...without the pins.

kim said...

Now that is just adorable!

Stacey said...

a little optimism goes a long way! what a cute pincushion - the monkey fabric is great! (I feel the same way about not seeing people in a long time - it just gets overwhelming that we end up loosing touch...)

Ramona said...

I received this book for Christmas and I keep picking it up and putting it down trying to decide which pattern I want to tackle first. It might just be the pincushion.

Rani said...

I love the pictures of that pin cushion! Even better - picture of grandpup. He's the perfect little guy to curl up with (can you do that with a bad back?).

Felicia said...

Very pretty indeed :)

Ashley said...

Me too! That's me too! I just finally barfed out oe giant post that takes care of everything I've been paralyzed over. Phew. Therapeutic.