Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Post-frenzy reveals

Remember when I sewed piping?

This is what it was for:

Please disregard the unfinished edges. They were totally finished when I gave this gift.

A bedwarmer for my mom - pattern brilliantly designed by Ashley. (Free pattern is here.) It's such a great invention. You heat up the little rice pillow inside, put the pillow in the cover, and put the whole toasty mess at your feet (or on your neck or head or wherever, really). Toasty and cute!

Here is the little rice pillow:

And another close-up of (my first attempt at) piping:

Not bad!

I went on to make two more bedwarmers that I will show you later. Just so you know, the fabric may very well be too much for you to handle. Consider yourself warned.

Other warnings/A peek at some information I plan on sharing with you:
  • My back goes out more than I do.
  • I was gifted a sewing machine that might also make waffles.
  • If I hear one more conversation on my phone line that isn't the one I am having, I may give up on telephone technology altogether and rely solely on the Pony Express.
Happy New Year, everyone!


kim said...

What a fantabulous little idea! Of course, anything that keeps one cozy and warm ranks high in my book. And the piping - oh! Happy New Year!

tiennieknits said...

Happy New Year to you!

RobynR said...

Happy New Year Dr. B!
About the cross talk . . . Mathboy happens to be employed by a certain large end-of-the-alphabet phone company. I asked him what would cause your problem and he grumbled something about wires rubbing together and shorting out (while playing a brand new game, I'm actually astounded I got a response). Anyways, call your phone company and grumble about it.

Felicia said...

Love it! And I bet your mom does too.

Dr. B. said...

RobynR - How sweet are you to ask Mathboy about my phone woes?! I did, in fact, have some crossed wires, but it's all better now, thanks to the beginning-of-the-alphabet phone company. (I did use my end-of-the-alphabet cell phone in the meantime.) Happy New Year!

Ashley said...

Do you know what I have come to believe is that sewing is really, really bad for your back. I hope it is back in now. (Where do they go when they go out? You know it's totally down at the bar partying it up while you suffer.)

Elinor said...

How beautiful! I want to make some bed warmers myself but I don't have a microwave so they'd just take up space!