Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It takes two to make a thing go right

Oh, Quiltie.
Neglected for so long. Desperately needing to be re-basted and re-marked so that hand-quilting could continue.

So, so sad. Tragic, really.

Well, it was Quiltie's lucky day yesterday. It was Craft Day with my PIC!



And encouragement were the key ingredients.

My PIC and were able to do so many things yesterday that we each had been dreading.

She needed to put a new back on a quilt-in-progress. In the short term, very depressing. It meant she had to pull out hours and hours of hand-quilting; do mind-bending math; iron, measure, and cut fabric; and re-baste all the parts of the quilt sandwich together. She also had to thread the sewing machine. You can see how doing this together was superior to doing it alone. Alone? DE-moralizing. Together? Kinda fun!

Fabric FYI aside: If you're in the market for a nice solid brown (gross!) cotton, Robert Kaufman's new color Chocolate is the best brown we've found. (I tried to link to it at Purl, but looks like it's sold out; and at RK's site, the little square is so not the color.) Trust me. It's a good brown.

We did her whole thing together, then did my whole thing. She cheered me on as I re-measured and re-marked. Her "You're almost there!" and "Just one more!" really made the difference.

The Sweet, Salty, and Nutty Trek Mix didn't hurt either.


Stella said...

I wish I had a crafty PIC. She might either help me or deter me when I take on ridiculous projects... Which your beautiful Quiltie is not, helping me avoid, btw.

OOH, and I am right there with you on the Trek Mix. I also have a very soft spot for Orange you just Nuts about Cranberries trek mix. I just wish the oranges weren't so chewy.

kim said...

I wish my best friend took an interest in crafting. I mean, we were both in the same Brownie troup. Did nothing sink in while we were sewing sit-upons? Sigh.

Ronni said...

Pretty Quilt. Congrats on getting over the re-marking and re-basting humps. I wish I had a PIC too. My best bud is kinda good for inspiring me to try stuff because she's really good at lots of fancy stuff. But by the same token, she's so good, it can be intimidating sometimes. And she lives too far away to do stuff together for all that she lives within the same amorphous metropolitan area.

Ashley said...

Quiltie rules!

And I AM in the market for a good brown, so thanks for that.

tiennie said...

If you have to to the dreaded things in crafting, having a friend to do it with is perfect!

Stacey said...

crafting in pairs is definitely the way to go! i love having someone to cheer me on, and to cheer them on too!!

bettyninja said...

This is so beautiful. I really love it. Good work deciding to hand quilt it. It will be even better in the end.