Friday, September 14, 2007

Anything is possible

Wow. I have to say, I am amazed.

This morning at 8:30, my Sidekick was just about to leave for work when the little dogs began their usual business. Yipping. Yapping. Squealing, even. We froze and looked at each other with wide eyes and an anticipation I haven't felt since about Christmas of '76. What was going to happen?

After 10 seconds of the barking, it stopped.

And that was that.

No yelling. No auditioning for Annie Get Your Gun. Just silence. Long, long, peaceful silence.

"Should I yell 'thank you'?" my Sidekick asked me. We smiled with pride and disbelief and decided against it.

I guess I'm more of a cynic than I thought. I really didn't expect that situation would be resolved quite that quickly and effectively. The dogs just stopped barking, and not a peep from Broadway Steve. Not a peep! Propers all around, dudes. Way to take care of business!

This is very exciting, as it makes me wonder what other problems my Sidekick could solve with his powers.

Also? I will be among the 250 LA knitters seeing the Yarn Harlot tomorrow. If you're there and want to say hi, I'll be knitting that blasted Chevron scarf and carrying that bag that Ashley made me.

Now, about those powers...


kim said...

That is some swift action! Don't be surprised if there is a relapse though. In my experience, things like that just don't last. One of these days, my neighbor's chiminea may not blow smoke into my bedroom windows. But I doubt it...

Have fun with the Yarn Harlot!

maryse said...

that's awesome!

also awesome, naming dogs after marlo thomas. hee hee

Ashley said...

Just out of, you know, idle curiosity, on a scale of one to ten, how stalkerish would I be if I happened to be going to a store where they carry Jitterbug on Sunday, and I happened to get your exact same Chevron colors if they happened to have them? Just, you know, askin'.

Dr. B. said...

Ashley - Ten being the most stalkerish? Well, I don't know. A 3? But a comfortable 3. A I'm-flattered-but-not-at-all-scared 3. I say go for it.

tiennie said...

Glad your neighbor "got it!" Have fun seeing the Harlot!

Kirsten said...

Bravo to the Sidekick!!
Have fun with the Harlot.

Ashley said...

Bah. They had the Castagna, but not the Velvet Leaf. You remain unstalked.