Monday, October 02, 2006

Blue Moon

For those of you who've used this amazing-looking yarn, what weights have you used?

The idea of knitting something on a size 0 or 1 needle kinda kills me. But, I'm concerned that the yarn for the size 3 or 4 needle is called "heavyweight". I live in LA. I don't want to be knitting socks for the tundra. Does anyone have any words of wisdom?


vt said...

That yarn is really yummy. I love the color! Too bad I'm way too lazy to ever consider knitting w/ needles that small.

My baby just tried to eat our mastiff. Yup... Waaaaay too lazy for small needles!

Sachi said...

Hi, there. I've knit both medium and light from Blue Moon. I've just recently moved away from LA. I can tell you that the medium weight would only have been suitable to wear between November and April. The lightweight you can get away with the rest of the year if you live on the west side.

Me? I was in the Valley. I couldn't wear socks at all during the summer. Only sandals.

Don't worry about the smaller needles thing. You can always make socks that stop at the ankles. I found that the rows and rows of knit were handy when I was sitting, waiting for dinner at a restaurant, standing in line at the store, watching movies, chatting on the phone... my hands automatically know what to do. Plus, with the STR, you get all excited about how the colors knit up so it makes it go a little faster.