Sunday, October 29, 2006

You know what hurts?

My back.

You know why?


I was just sitting, minding my own godforsaken business, and my back went right out. Out! And then I cried and said the F-word a lot. And now I'm trying to figure out the best position to be in and what kinds of activities are do-able.

Washing dishes? Nope.
Making the bed? Nope.
Making a meal for myself? Not really, but that is kind of unrelated to my current back.
Knitting? Probably not the best idea, but I'm gonna give it a shot.

So, instead of some great knitting or crafting related post, I give you If-I'm-not-careful-this-will-be-Hobby-96:

Note: Thanks to my wasband, you'll find that this image is the first on my site to actually link to another site. Hooray for my wasband!

1 comment:

Sidekick said...

Hey Dr. B(adBack),

Didja notice that your Creweling lady is located in Marfa, TX?