Friday, October 20, 2006

But what if his legs were the size of tree trunks?

Well, then, this sock would fit one of said legs perfectly.

I may be having a gauge problem, but I've decided it's too soon to tell such a thing. This picture makes it seem like the sock is fine. (As in, "FINE!")

No? Looks more like a sleeve, you say? Well.

I don't know. Maybe he prefers his socks to be a little less constraining than your average store-bought sock. Maybe he wants to rock that 80's scrunchie-socks-with-Keds look. (Oh, that would be unfortunate for all of us.) Maybe his love transcends any hard or fast requirements for adequate sock fit.

You can read the little history of this sock here and here.

It's fine. And by fine, I mean demoralized. And by it's, I mean me. So, there's the bad grammar of failure back for you: me demoralized.


Kristy said...

Ahh, honey, don't feel bad about this sock. Put you and the sleeve - I mean sock - out of your misery. Ripping can be healing somtimes. Believe me, I know. I am a champ at ripping stuff out and starting over. Or, hmmm, you know, ribbing it out, stuffing it in a drawer and pretending like it never happened. Pass the wine.

Kristy said...

Have you noticed I have the same solution to most every problem? I seem to be constantly encouraging my fellow knit bloggers to take up the bottle!! You know I mean well, right? :)

Kim said...

Dr. B, yours is fast becoming one of my favorite sites. I found another very crafty site ( that I thought you might enjoy given your 94 hobbies and all. And if you will allow me one more disjointed thought, please do not even whisper that 80's fashion come back in style. It's bad enough that the skinny pant mocks me at every turn!

Nora said...

Nooo, if frogging is required DO IT NOW! Do it before you end up with 1.85 (that is ALMOST 2) socks - like I did on the weekend! And last month. And 2 months ago. (There is wrinkly yarn all over this place).
Do it! And then do the bottle thing Kristy's talking about...