Saturday, September 30, 2006

It's easier to say no than it is to say yes

What with airport security measures changing every two seconds, I decided to leave my knitting at home for my trip to San Francisco. Yes, yes, I know. Knitting needles are allowed on the plane, but I just didn't want to risk the possibility of dealing with:

(a) some rogue screener person on a mission, out to get the knitters;
(b) the rules changing on my way to the airport; or
(c) because of (a) and/or (b), someone taking away my beloved knitting supplies.

While I realize (a) and (b) are both not really plausible, there's always a chance of (c) as far as I'm concerned.

OK. Truth be told, after figuring out how to cram all my liquids into a quart-sized Ziploc bag, my grouchiness made it nearly impossible to think of anything being fun. Even knitting. So, I didn't pack a single knitting-related item. (And, by the way, if you haven't been asked already, do you know how many liquids you require for a trip? Do you think they all fit in a small Ziploc bag? You'd be surprised how much they kinda don't.)

I regretted leaving my knitting almost immediately. I tried to justify the decision with "It's a really short plane ride" and "When would I have time to knit anyway?" But the lack of sleep and the residual grouchiness from my involvement in the Ziploc-Liquids Experience the night before just didn't help matters. It wasn't the prettiest thing, but I shook it off. It was fine.

My sidekick and I went straight from the airport to our conference. We spent the whole day there, then went to check into our hotel around 5:00. We were both exhausted and thought we'd take a nap before going out to dinner. When we got into our room, I dropped my bags in the living room, and my sidekick went into the bedroom to put his things down.

SIDEKICK (from the bedroom): Hey! Come check out our view.
ME (from the living room): What do you want.
ME (tired): I'll be there in a second.
SIDEKICK: But it's a really good view!
ME: Okay. (still with traces of the grouchy)

With a little bit of foot-dragging, I went into the bedroom where my sidekick was standing next to the closed blinds.

ME: What.

He slowly opened the blinds to reveal a view of a tiny little street and a long stretch of apartment buildings. And one tiny storefront.

SIDEKICK: Look what's right there.

Right there, all small and unassuming, with the cutest things in the window, just sitting there almost smiling at me, was Greenwich Yarn and Stitchworks. Yarn? Does that say yarn? Is that yarn? Yarn! Right outside our window!

Is my sidekick not the cutest? And can you believe there was that knitting store right there? Like RIGHT there.

Nap? Postponed. Store? Adorable and open till 6! Sidekick? Treated me to these:

He is the soon-to-be proud owner of 100% Merino wool Koigu socks, solid charcoal color 2409 courtesy of Greenwich Yarn & Stitchworks.

Life is lovely sometimes.

(For the record, "soon-to-be" = "hopefully no later than Christmas.")


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that story! It warms my heart. And is a helpful reminder to be prepared for my 15 hour flight to China next week. I doubt there would be a yarn shop in Beijing. You know I will be bringing ALL my knittin's! And KUDOS to your sidekick for supporting your habit.

Nora (Black Dog Knits) said...

Sidekick is definitely a keeper - he deserves those socks (Koigu and all)!

Anonymous said...

Ditto to nora(black dog knits)'s comment about Sidekick.


Kristy said...

Ahhh, Dr. B, this is one of the best blog posts of read lately. What a sweetheart. You know you've got something special when he considers a yarn shop a "view". I'm with the others: your Sidekick certainly deserves the socks.

vt said...

What a great story! How many times have I answered my partner w/ a "What do you want" (traces of grouchiness to follow...). Sidekick rocks. Love the yarn and excited to see the socks! I love that knitting overcomes geographical boundaries!