Friday, September 15, 2006

Already with the meme

This is a lovely meme (definition of "meme" here) from back in the day that I always enjoyed seeing on the blogs.

Refresh your "Party Shuffle" on your iTunes, and list the first 10 songs that come up.

You could say sharing this information is a great way to let others know about music, broaden their horizons! But frankly, like the "overheard" notion (see yesterday's post), this meme is really just another way to draw all kinds of conclusions about someone else based on very little information. Diabolical!

So. Pencils ready? Let the drawing of conclusions begin.

My Party Shuffle exposes me thusly:

Channel 1 Suite (Four Tet Remix) : Cinematic Orchestra
Sweet Baby (with Erykah Badu) : Macy Gray
Turn Me On : Norah Jones
All or Nothing : O-Town
One Sweet Day : Mariah Carey
Save Me : Aimee Mann
SeƱorita : Justin Timberlake
Party Up (Up in Here) : DMX
Eat It Up : Representative Ball
Angel Eyes : Anita O’Day

This is how it came out. I didn't re-refresh. I didn't omit or add any songs. This is just what my iTunes wanted you to know about me today. I shall decline all invitations to defend my O-Town or look down my nose at you about my Anita O'Day. But I will say that Representative Ball is where it's at.

What are the first 10 songs on your Party Shuffle? I'd love for you to post a comment so I can get to know you better. (And by "better" I do mean more narrowly.)

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