Thursday, September 21, 2006

Real quilters, avert your eyes

If the sight of a quilt-in-progress being mishandled makes you queasy, you might want to look away here. This is documentation of the current state of the Denyse Schmidt "What a Bunch of Squares" quilt. It's not pretty.

I doubt Denyse rolls her quilts, holds them in place with some bicycle clips, then kinda folds (wads) them up and puts them on a chair in the living room. With the needle just sticking out the top there.

Strange how it looks like a little creature is hiding in it. There isn't. It's just the poor quilt. Scrunched up. Maybe crying a little. Certainly wrinkling a great deal.

Here's a square that was suffocating in the earlier pictures:

Breathe, little guy, breathe. It'll be ok.

Maybe now, after really looking at these gruesome pictures, I'll try a different approach. Maybe unclip it? Fold it nicely? I was doing that before, but it seemed so, I don't know, labor intensive. (This from a person who is hand-quilting a queen-sized quilt.) Maybe I'll give it a hug and a sincere apology and call it a day.

Sorry, quiltie. I love you.

(Note: Quiltie has reacted to my apology with a shocking level of indifference.)


Kristy said...

Dr. B, I think there should be some sort of disclaimer about whether or not any quilts were harmed in the making of this post! :)

Your squares arrived today. They are lovely. I didn't realize from your earlier pictures that they were the exact same yarn. I really love them. Thanks for your quick knitting! I'm so glad to have been "introduced" to you.

Tami said... mother and I were working on quilting an unfinished quilt-top we found in my Grandmother's attic. Now, we're not "pro-quilters" or anything, and I must say, our project looked startlingly similar to yours there, when not being worked on. Of's still not done...and I should find out where my mother has stashed it...