Monday, September 18, 2006

Grandmother Purl's blanket

People can be really kind. Really thoughtful. And really kind.

This is a very sweet gesture spearheaded by a kindhearted fan of Crazy Aunt Purl's.

Here's my small contribution.

It's an 8" square, knit on US size 10.5 needles using *less than* one ball of Lana Grossa Bingo yarn (100% Marino Virgin Wool. 80 meters/50 grams -- It's soft and machine washable!).

The stitch is a Broken 2x2 Rib.

The recipe (or pattern, whatever) is from Vogue Knitting. And it is the following:

Cast on a multiple of 4 stitches. (I cast on 40.)

Row 1 (RS): *K2, P2; repeat from * until end.
Rows 2-6 (WS): Repeat Row 1.
Rows 7-12: *P2, K2; repeat from * until end.
Repeat rows 1-12.

I did this until it reached 8", bound off in pattern, and that was it!

If I'm feeling adventurous, I may try another new stitch for another square.

In the meantime, (not to be too earnest but...) I'll be appreciative of the kindness that people extend to one another. And I'll try to remember to do that more. (Yes, you-know-who-you-are. I said "extend".)

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FFC said...

I am helping Kristy respond to all the knitters that have signed up for CAP!Thank you so much! We are so excited about the tremendous response! We are sure that this will be a success. If you have any questions you can e-mail at

Your square looks awesome!!