Monday, September 25, 2006

Quiltie, Pile of Quilt

Quiltie is still giving me the cold shoulder, despite my having worked on it a little over the weekend. What do I expect? I'm still not really treating it right. If only I'd keep my word and fold the queen-sized guy. But, nope. I'm still wadding.

But, how about this? Let's take this opportunity to see how many different things the pile of quilt can resemble!

Today it looks like it's in a fetal position, no? It's kinda creepy if you look close. Kinda like a guy keeled over clutching his stomach and going, "Uuurrgggh. My aching stummick!" Right? (Because a guy who'd be wrapped up in a quilt, on my living room chair, keeling over wouldn't say "stomach." He'd say "stummick." Trust me.) Do you see it? See his nubby little knees there on the seat-part of the chair? Poor bastard.

Don't worry. If it starts rocking and flapping, I will take it in for immediate care.

1 comment:

Kristy said...

Looks to me like maybe Quiltie has had a little too much of the meds/booze/illicit drugs combo. I've witnessed this kind of thing before! :)