Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Put that coffee down

Need a coaster?

Listen up:

Purl really knows what they're doing.

They start by telling you they'll take care of the pesky chore of coordinating fabrics for you. "We know about your commitment to your craft, and we've got some amazing bundles of delicious fabrics that we just know you're gonna love. Looky here - just pick some bundles from our site, and we can send them right out to you. You can have them in a matter of days! Just give us your credit card number, and we'll...mmmm...yeah, we're only in town overnight and then we've gotta hop on a flight to Cleveland first thing in the morning. But, we'd hate for you to miss out on this amazing opportunity!"

Then, instead of actually getting on that flight, they casually mention on their adorable blog that there are these coasters that are so easy and quick that you could make them "the day of the party!!"

(I'm looking at you with a very dead-pan look right now. Some might call it a "slow burn.")

Let's say I were the kind of person who threw parties. Let's just say that. I'm fairly confident that, even if that were the case, I still wouldn't have the constitution for crafting "the day of." I might fall for a good pitch from some smooth-talking folks, but that doesn't make me a fool.

Be that as it may, these are some really fracking cute coasters. The pattern as written yields 12 coasters that are 3.5" square (or square-ish) when finished.

I chose not to do any quilting on them once I'd turned them right-side out and stitched them shut, and it did take me quite a while to make the set of 12. But it was an enjoyable while.

They're quite nifty, and I think the set also makes a darn cute gift. (Better than a set of steak knives.)

Now, will you go to lunch?

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