Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy birthday to Mue

My adorable mother is having a birthday tomorrow! Hooray for her being born!

I would go on and on about all the amazing things you should know about her -- like about how she has super-powers, and how she can make things happen for people with those powers; and how she raised me and my brother to feel like the most special people on the planet, capable of doing or being anything; or how she's just really, really cute -- but you would just get jealous, and then you wouldn't read my blog, and then I'd be sad. And my mommy wouldn't want me to be sad.

So, as a little tribute to my mom, please enjoy this little girl singing this adorable song.

Happy Birthday, Mue!


tiennie said...

Happy Happy Birthday Mue! Lucky lucky Dr. B!

kim said...

Happy Birthday, Dr. B's mom! Such a nice tribute. (Of course, I thought MY mom was the best mom in the whole world, but that was before I knew about the super powers....)

Kristy said...

Happy Happy HAPPY Birthday to your Mue!! She sounds just perfectly perfect. It is such a lucky thing to have a wonderful mother. (I know from experience.)

One of these days you will have to tell us why you call her "Mue".

Nora said...

Happy birthday Mue (?)! And thanks for bringing Dr B into the world. She's amusing and clever and lots of FUN so... thank you. You did good. x

mariss said...

Thanks for your compliments on my quilt. I haven't even given it to the mom yet, but I've gotten such great feedback.

I hope your mom has a happy birthday. She sounds like a special lady.

Laura said...

YOUR mom has superpowers, too? Amazing!

Happy Birthday to Dr. B's mommy!

Mue said...

Thank you for your kind words and for the lovely little girl singing. Just when I thought that she couldn't change her expression again - she did! Thank you, too, for this blog which lifts my spirits, and for your delightful online friends whose comments always enliven me. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Dr.B, Tiennie, Kim, Kristy,Nora,Mariss and Laura.
Peace and Joy,

Nano said...

I'm late to the party. Happy Belated Birthday Mue! Hope your day was special. You sound like the mommy everyone would want.

Oh, and Dr. B, I would never stop reading your blog. Although, that great yarn stash, the world's best mommy.... what next? I'll just keep the green tinge to a minimum.