Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm getting clothes dirty right now.

Projects or tasks that seem to be never-ending cause me a great deal of consternation.

Take laundry, for example. I have many beefs with laundry. This is but one: It never ends. Ever. As the title of this post suggests, I'm sitting here right now, minding my own business, and my clothes are getting dirty. Not because I'm sitting in filth. But because that's how it is. It is the very nature of laundry itself, to always be recruiting perfectly good clothes into taking its dirty laundry form. I hate it.

I think this is part of why I fancy the crafting. If you are a responsible crafter, you can -- in theory -- complete something. And that's it. It's over.

Let's not split hairs about who finishes things and who doesn't, or who thought hand-quilting a queen-sized quilt was a good idea. Let's just not.

I'd like to simply go on record as saying that sometimes organizing one's supplies can be one of those endless things, and this Ravelry thing may be a very slow boat for me. It's a good thing. Just like fresh laundry is a good thing. But I think, if I'm honest, organizing and cataloguing my stash might just kick my ass.


Ashley said...

I had a surge, on Ravelry, with the sock yarn. Bt I already feel defeated by it. And then I feel guilty, because everyone wants the Ravelry invite, and I have one, and I'm not really maximizing my Ravelry usage. Plus, I have a mountain of dirty laundry. Bah! Off to make something very, very small. And very, very easy.

Kristy said...

Oh wow! I thought Quiltie had gone into permanent hiding. This post is like "proof of life" from Quiltie. ;)

I have been secretly a little thankful that I haven't received my Ravelry invitation because it feels like it will be such a daunting task...and I have a comparatively small stash.

I hate laundry. Ohhh the fulitity!

Nora said...

Ditto Ashley - except for the dirty laundry. I just did mine. :)