Wednesday, April 18, 2007

There he is.

Look who came out of hiding for some re-marking.

I think Quiltie's had some time to think. And so have I, frankly. And after this period of reflection, I've realized I've got a tedious, tedious job of ahead of me, but one well worth the trouble.

I shall re-mark every mark that Quiltie went and ate back in the day.

I'll do it because it's long overdue. I'll do it because it's an exercise in revisiting unfinished business. But mostly I'll do it because, after that mocking from my Craft magazine, I've gotta do something to reclaim my craftiness.

I think Quiltie's on board this time around and won't try any foolishness. Just to be safe, though, I'm going to use that Hera marking tool which makes inedible markings. (Not indelible. In-edible. He ate my markings last time!)

Sorry, Quiltie. Let's just get some time under our belts, and then I promise we'll regain that trust. Someday soon, I'll sit under you like Betsy Ross, stitching and whistling a tune. And that will be just grand.

Quiltie, everyone!


Jean said...

You show that Quiltie who's boss!

Stacey said...

i think Quiltie has come to his senses and will cooperate to get you back your crafty status....

Kristy said...

Oh Quiltie!! It is so nice to see you again!

How big is Quiltie expected to be when he is fully grown?

I went back and read your referenced post about the Hera marking tool. You probably know this already (since that post was in November...somehow I missed it then) but in my experience, the easiest way to "unmark" a misplaced line is just a quick pass with a warm iron. I realize the practicality of this depends on how complex your markers are but I have had success using that method. (Plus, if you just sort of hold the iron an inch or more above the fabric and steam it, you can just pull/smooth the fabric by hand and thereby "unmark" smaller sections without ironing away too many markings. Sort of like steam blocking your knitting but without all the damn pinning.)

Ashley said...

I love Quiltie! (I'm a huge fan of that particular naming protocol. My mose recent quilt? Brownie. The one before that? Pinkie.)

Now, re: the marking tool: Tape? Is tape wrong?

Faith! said...

This is the first I've seen of the beast and it looks awesome from the shots you provided! I love the colors, good luck!

Dr. B. said...

Thanks for the support, everyone!

Great tip, Kristy! I hadn't thought of/come across that one.

And, Ashley, I don't know about tape. You use tape, right? No problems with it? What kind have you successfully used? Hmmmm....

Ashley said...

Just plain ol' masking tape. They sell fancy Quilter's tape, but it's just super-skinny masking tape. The only problem I've had is accidentaly sewing into the tape, but that's just a matter of picking at it a little bit to get it out from under the stitches.

On the other hand, the Hera thing is a continuously reusable resouce, and doesn't leave giant gobs of tape on your floor, rolling around and picking up all the dog hair.