Sunday, April 22, 2007

Things I'm loving

Chevron Scarf. Lumpy, but growing.

Where have I been? What is the deal with my not posting? So sorry. For a stretch of time there I couldn't even find my computer. Turns out it was buried beneath Quiltie and Articles (Quiltie and Articles -- a play in three acts -- can be seen at a community theater near you). Things have settled down here a bit, so things should be back to normal in the posting department.

So, I was gonna write a whole post about how much I love Ryan Gosling. I really was. I was going to go on and on about how I have a physiological reaction when I see him, a reaction that is truly beyond my control, and about how I found out only recently that he knits scarves, and how that information was just gravy on the already-delicious mashed potatoes of my love for him. But it became clear that, were I to write about that, it would quickly become super weird and creepy.

Kinda like it just did.

So! Hey! Here are two other things I am currently loving, that are not at all creepy or weird! Just lovely and delicious. I assure you.

First: Color combination sites.

Colourlovers is one, and the color palette above is Grapevine Marmelade.

Kuler is another, and I've mentioned it before.

As I've said before, whether you're looking to put a room together, design a greeting card or a scarf, or figure out how you want to color-code your files, these sites are inspiring, fun, and useful! Check them out.

And, second: The magic and beauty that is Hillary Lang.

Wee Wonderfuls is her teeth-shatteringly great blog. When you go over there, be prepared to view an ungodly number of cute things. If you aren't ready for cute things, or you are allergic or something, then I'll advise you to steer clear. Unless you like stuffed robots. Or kick-ass quilting. And in that case, I'd say take a pill and get on with it already.

Recently, blog people were all abuzz about one of her quilts, and for good reason. When you click on the quilting link above, it's the red quilt. Look closely to see that where she made mistakes on the quilt, she sewed on strips of fabric with words of caution/advice on them. Genius! Seriously.

There are other things I'm loving, like the 12-week old apricot poodle puppy I saw today out at the farmer's market, and the Kiwi Strawberry Hansen's soda my sidekick bought for me the other day, and the new couch we have which puts a person to sleep instantly with its cozy powers.

I think I will go sit on that new couch right now and work on the Chevron Scarf.

I bet Ryan Gosling would approve of this scarf. But that's neither here nor there.


vt said...

Chevron looks awesome. I'm inspired to work on mine more! And who's Ryan G? I looked at his pic and don't recognize him. I'm old. And out of it. That calls for a cocktail!

Nora said...

I can't see the notes on the quilt!!! HELP!!

Jean said...

Ryan Gosling knits? That just raised him from "Ppff, whatever" to "Hmmm...interesting" Now, let me tell you about Jason Lewis and how I nearly passed out when I found out he knits and shops at my LYS! It's really quite miraculous that I have not been staking out said LYS since hearing this. Chevron does indeed look awesome. I'm glad Quiltie decided to regurgitate the laptop for you.

Kristy said...

Maybe the super comfy new couch isn't the best place to sit and knit the Chevron scarf. I'm fearful that the cozy powers of the couch will cut into the scarf progress and I am eager to see this be an FO. The colors are really stunning together. Impressive work!

Dr. B. said...

vt - Ryan G was in that cheesy, unwatchable movie The Notebook, and is starring in that movie Fracture with Anthony Hopkins right now. He's dreamy.

Nora - Click on the close-up photos, and look really, really closely for the typed print on the fabric. It's black letters on red and white checks.

Jean - I need to look this Jason Lewis character up. Like vt, I am also old. But I'm sure I'll be hitting that LYS once I find out.

Kristy - Are you spying on me? Our couch does have shockingly sleepy-making properties. How did you know?

Dr. B. said...

Oh, wait. I guess I did just say in my post that the couch had sleepy-making powers, and that's how you'd know, Kristy. See. I am old.

Stacey said...

chevron is coming along great - I love the olive overtone.....thanks for all the neat links! lots to look at!

tiennie said...

Ryan darn cute!

Your chevron is one of the prettiest out there. Really truly.

Nora said...

Ok, I see the notes now - thanks.

Btw, shouldn't you be whipping up some cushions for that couch? Superbuzzy has some NEW BIRD FABRIC just in...

And the chevron is lookin' good!

Nora said...

Me again. I seem to have lost your email.

It just so happens that my BIRD fabric arrived today. So, there are 13 birds per yard, 3 trees and 5 butterflies.

The background is creme (perfect for your couch), with fuschia birds, green trees, blue butterflies and orange balls...

Sounds hideous but is actually very gorgeous (in that Japanese kinda way).


Oh, and the Sashiko embroidery (my pin cushion) was actually inspired by YOU! I remember one of your quilting posts mentioned tiny little sts. Now that I think of it, I should've referenced you in my post. Damn. I'll work it into the next one, somehow...

Ashley said...

I want that Chevron. Want. It. I am using my mental powers to convince you to send it directly to me once it is completed.