Sunday, April 01, 2007

Overheard at the fancy supermarket

Small woman, mid-20s, pushes past me line to meet up with the dude she's with. She's holding a giant bottle of some beverage with a drawing of some pears on it.

Small woman: Oh my GOD! I had this in Europe, and it's AMAZING!
Dude: Really?
SW: It's AMAZING! It's completely amazing. I had it in Europe. And it's SO amazing.
Dude: Huh.
SW: I wonder where it's from. It is SO good.

She looks closely at the bottle, reading.

SW: I would think it's made in Europe. It's so incredible. (She keeps reading. She stops cold.) Florida?!
Dude: Huh.
SW: It's made in Florida?! (Panic time.)
Dude: Wow.
SW: Oh, no. (Sigh of relief washes over her.) It's just distributed by Florida.

Once she said it was distributed by Florida, I was out. That was all I needed.

I may've gone to the fancy supermarket for the eclairs and the deal on Vitamin water, but I most certainly left with more than that. I left knowing that there's a pear drink out there that is European-ly delicious. And that that very drink is distributed by Florida. And that that woman -- the one who pushed past me with glee and pride -- will be able to sleep tonight, knowing that the amazing drink she had in Europe was not made in Florida.

Everything's gonna be all right, everybody.


Nora said...

It's like the Jo Sharp Australian Alpaca yarn I bought yesterday - the Australian alpaca yarn that's MADE IN NEW ZEALAND!

Nano said...

Haha... I'm cracking up. Distributed by Florida. This sorta stuff just seeks you out, doesn't it?

Kristy said...

Whoa - she really dodged a bullet on that one. I am guessing her little world would have crumbled if her favorite European liquor was actually MADE BY Florida instead of just distributed by Florida?

tiennie said...

You are too funny!