Monday, April 23, 2007

Venn diagrams are hilarious

My beloved NWAI just sent me this link to a Village Voice music review that I highly recommend.

(Please note: It has very little to do with crafts. It has diagrams, but that's pretty much where its relevance ends.)

Here's the point. This article manages to attend to my love of thorough-going analysis, my loathing of tautology, and my love/hate relationship with hip-hop.

I haven't heard the song being reviewed, but this article does a good job of piquing my interest.

And I do love those Venn diagrams.


Jean said...

Reminds me of this article: about Gwen Stefanis song "Bananas". Gwen "wants to make sure we are well aquainted with her shit."

Kristy said...

Did you turn off the comments on the new slippers post? They are precious. Please let me know when you plan to convert the pattern to knitting and I will TOTALLY make a pair!