Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A sign that I've had time to watch TV

Behold! My Chevron Scarf has doubled in size! That is due in no small part to the Battlestar Galactica mini-marathon my sidekick and I had the other night. (I can't sit and just watch that show. Really. I'd feel twelve kinds of bad if I just sat and watched.)

This progress makes the scarf all of 4 inches long. So that's real good.

Also? I was poking around on people's blogrolls (now that sounds dirty), and on yes, I MADE that there was this link to Kuler. I haven't looked too closely yet, but Kuler appears to be a site that is all about color combinations -- tasty, fantastic, pull-my-eyes-out good color combinations. Go look! It's so soothing!! (How often do I use multiple exclamation points? Rarely. So you know I mean it.) Totally useful for every kind of craft there is, including home decoration or arranging food on a plate in a pleasing way (so that second one is a stretch. And?). Go check it out.

Someday I'll be able to do all that crafting I was doing before. Remember that? When I made all kinds of stuff? That was fun. More of that, please. Oh no? I have to figure out where to put all those articles? Hm. Well. I'll just think of that as crafting. Mind-burning, soul-twisting, weird-memories-eliciting crafting. That should make it fantastic.

Maybe I'll start a blog about that. I'll use all of Leopold's ideas from yesterday's comments and will post every day about how I used my articles as kitchen tiles and mattress filling. You'd read that, right?



(shaking my fists at the heavens) Aaaarticleeees!


Ashley said...

Ahh--knitting the chevron scarf while marathoning Galactica--it's like you're living my life. Only with a more tasteful Chevron scarf. I really, really, really like that one.

Nora said...

...arranging food on a plate in a pleasing way! You crack me up!

Your scarf colours are beautiful. In fact, it's in the 'one of the nicest I've seen' category, along with Nano and Megan.

lori said...

Thank you for the very funny and not at all strange (haha) comment you left at my blog. I'll have to take a look around here for a bit. The arranging food line made me nearly splurt orange juice this morning... so that's a good sign...

PS. Your chevron scarf is very pretty

Kristy said...

I love the Chevron scarf, particularly the color combination. Strangely, I have not felt at all compelled to knit one of these though I am fascinated by the variety of Chevron scarves I've seen about. I'm with Nora, yours definitely falls into the "one of the nicest I've seen" category.

I've been wondering, do you wear a spandex outfit with a cape when you battle Articles or is it more Linda Carter's Superwoman-esque?

vt said...

The scarf looks so good! I love the colors and am so excited to start mine up again (I've been obsessed w/ a suss baby sweater for a while...).

Stacey said...

I really love the colors you chose - olive green is one of my favorites and paired with pink - wow!!!! What yarn is it?

Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment on the socks!!!

Faith! said...

This is so neat! What a fun project. It looks so flowery.

tiennie said...

That is looking so pretty!

Dr. B. said...

Thanks for all the compliments, everyone!

Stacey - The yarns are Collinette Jitterbug in colors Castagna and Velvet Leaf. I'm assuming the price is comparable to Koigu (which the pattern calls for), making this an outrageously expensive scarf. I figure a girl's gotta spend her money on something. Might as well be yarn. Cheers!