Saturday, April 07, 2007

Do not count me out, fellow knitters

The Chevron Scarf is officially underway.

Yes. I have said this before. But this time, I mean it. Want proof?

Ha HA! I have knit a few rows. That makes it official.

This terrible photo clearly shows how beautifully the two yarns alternate. You've got your green rows then your multi-colored rows. Delicious! I think it should be good. I also think it should be finished right in time for the red-hot summer. Because my timing is nothing if not horrible.

But you know what? If women can walk around in high heels, destroying their feet and backs for the sake of beauty, I can certainly wear a woolen scarf in the height of summer, no? Oh, right. I would look insane if I did that. Look at that woman! What is she doing to her neck? Why in the world would she be wearing a wool scarf this time of year? So she can show off her knitting? How ridiculous! And insane!

Oh! But maybe if I wear my high heels while wearing the scarf, people will understand. They'll be so taken by my stunning shoes, they will see that I am not insane, I am just fashionable. And then they, too, will want to wear a woolen scarf in the middle of the red-hot summer.

Genius, me!


Ashley said...

Such a good combo.

And if the kids can wear miniskirts and uggs, you can wear a wool scarf in the summer no prob.

although I guess we shouldn't take the kids as a guide, since they wear miniskirts and uggs.

Nano said...

Your scarf colors look great. Mines stuck at about 40". I'll have a summertime wool scarf too.

And when you wear the high heels, no one will notice the scarf. Heheh.

kim said...

Shut up! That is so pretty. I would totally push you down for that yarn too.

tiennie said...

Those 2 colors are gorgeous together. I would totally have stolen those from you had I just not spent craploads of money at BMFA.

Nora said...

Perfect Project Spectrum colours! And... you can always send the scarf down here - winter's fast approaching!