Thursday, February 15, 2007

Procrastination and Bandwagons

I've decided procrastination serves a purpose I hadn't really realized before: Ramping up.

Let's say someone has a big thing they have to do like, oh I don't know, study for a Big Exam (BE). Let's also say that person knows they always wait until the last minute to study for such things. So, rather than schedule the BE for a ways away, with some reasonable amount of time to prepare, this person says, "You know what? I'll just schedule it for a couple of weeks from now. That's how long I end up studying anyway, right at the end. I'll cut out the middle man -- procrastination!"

Bad. Idea.

Here's why: Going from a lovely life of crafting and working to a life of intensive studying -- overnight? Shocking to the system. It's going from basking in sunshine and frolicking with puppies all day, every day, to working in an olive factory. For me? This means no sunshine. No puppies. Just gross, slimy olives. And audio tapes and practice exams and... Oh. Wait. This was hypothetical. This isn't me. I have this friend.

Here's the point: While procrastinating, you're actually thinking about the thing you're supposed to be doing. This thinking -- the mulling -- is key. Sure, there's a little guilt and anguish thrown into the mix in the process. But the procrastination is getting you ready for The Big Push, easing you in, buffering against shocks to your tender and delicate system.

So, in that spirit, I'm considering jumping on a bandwagon.You know, to help with the mulling. I mean, my friend is considering it.

You should click on that bandwagon link to see the beautiful scarf all the hipsters are making.

These are the yarns currently being considered. You might remember them from my Christmas haul. Socks that Rock yarns in X-mas Rock and Farmhouse:

The way the cool kids are making this scarf is by alternating two different colored yarns. So, here's a little test of these two:

This is hardly a big enough test to tell how it these look together, I realize. So, I don't know if I'll use these or not. Or if I'll make the scarf at all. But the bandwagon looks like so much fun! I obviously haven't procrastinated enough yet to know how to proceed.

It is all in the mulling, people.


Leslie said...

Oh, yeah, I want to make that, too! Every one I see pushes me closer to the edge...

tiennie said...

ooh jump away! It's going to be fantastic.

Nano said...

Well... thanks a lot. As if I don't have enough projects pending. That scarf is amazing! I'm in. I don't have the book though. Hmmm.. do I need another knit book? Oh, and tell your um.. 'friend' not to feel so bad. Not only am I member of the procrastination club, I've become the president.

Ashley said...

"the hipsters": HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! If only you knew me in real life. Because: no. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! The dorksters, more like.

PS: Jump.

Nora said...

Hmmmm... I hear ya!!

Oh, and isn't Ashley's little outburst (above) funny, heh!