Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Creativity sparks

Keri Smith is a genius. A real, honest-to-goodness creative genius. What's more, she's a person who inspires others to be creative.

Living Out Loud: Activities to Fuel a Creative Life is a book she wrote a while back, and it is fantastic. Become Your Own Superhero and The Daring Dice of Transformation templates are just two examples of cool things in her book.

The latest exciting development in Keri Smith land, is that for the last twenty-some-odd days, she's been taking part in Create-a-thing-a-day Month, and she's posting about it on her blog. Lots of cool ideas -- I particularly like her idea of "unbranding" products in her home. She really seems to specialize in making the ordinary extraordinary. And I like this very much.

Check out her blog for some amazing ways to stay creative, inspired, and engaged with the world around you. Many (if not all) the activities are great for both adults and kids.

She's done all the heavy lifting, and we get to benefit from her brilliance -- just the way I like it when I'm short on time (which I will be for the next few days. Doesn't mean Dr. B. doesn't love you. It just means Dr. B.'s short on time.).

Make stuff!

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vt said...

Hey - I am so impressed that short-on-time Dr B even updates the blog. Impressed and grateful, that is. You rock and I cont to use the blog as a break in an otherwise insane work day. Thanks!