Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Getting into and out of the groove: Part I

It's been a while since my rubber stamps and inks have seen the light of day. A long, sad while. So when B-SNAK said she wanted to have a Stamping Day at her house for her birthday, I was really excited. Excited and -- if I'm honest -- a little nervous.

What if I've forgotten how to do it? What if all my inks have dried up? What if it's been so long since I've stamped that when I finally get them out, I become incapacitated with disgust because
all my rubber stamps are of ducks dressed as doctors or pigs doing somersaults or something? Ugh. Why have I not done more stamping? Why have I squandered my resources?

(FYI: That little tour of my brain? Free of charge!)

It was B-SNAK's birthday. I had to push through that nonsense. I held my breath, didn't look too closely, and packed my supplies for the trip to her house.

Ok. So I looked closely. And with some judgement. But, look at those signs of neglect! What is my problem?

Hey, now that I think about it, this is similar to another experience I have sometimes. I don't know if you've ever had this, but when I haven't exercised in a while and then I start again, I find myself saying, "Why haven't I been working out?" But I'm saying it to myself while I'm working out! As I am doing a set of sit-ups I'm thinking this. Completely ridiculous. I am actively doing the thing I'm saying I want to be doing and simultaneously giving myself grief for not doing it. I am a genius. I'm half-tempted to do it about writing right now. And I'm writing!

I'll tell you all about Stamping Day and even show you the items that came out of it. But first, I want everyone to stop giving themselves grief (that includes me) and enjoy the rest of your day. Life's too short. Deal? Awesome.


RC said...

GAH! Me too... but its, I should eat more salad (as I'm eating salad) or read more for enjoyment (as I'm reading)
I never realized that I do that...Thanks for pointing it out and I am going to knock it off right now!

kim said...

I really should comment more often. (I still want to know what the pink and brown circles are all about; they look so cute).

Nora said...

Or, I really should study more (as I'm studying)...

Nano said...

Now I don't feel so bad. The "I should be _____" seems to be a common thing. Let's not even get into "I really shouldn't _____". I do that a lot too. And continue to do whatever it is I shouldn't be doing.

tiennie said...

Everytime I come to your site, I'm reminded that it's been a long time since I've dusted off the old sewing machine - argh. Oh well, back to my knitting.

fluffardo said...

Hey. It's Bear Grylls. Don't think I didn't notice you using my catchphrase 'If I'm honest'. Because I did. And if I'm honest, my highly sophisticated phalanx of search-bots found you out straight away. I'm thirsty. Where did I put my emergency cache of elephant dung?