Thursday, February 22, 2007

Getting into and out of the groove: Part II

So. The groove. Isn't it the best feeling when you're in it? And doesn't it both suck and blow when you're out of it? Damn that groove.

Anyway, as I was saying, it had been a while since I last stamped. Usually a social activity for me, stamping almost always happens with B-SNAK and our other very good friend who I'll just call Ms. Refusing to Watch American Idol Even Though LaKisha Jones May Very Well Be The Most Amazing Woman Anyone Has Ever Seen In The History of Ever, Because Ms. Refusing Already Has Too Many Shows She's Watching, Esquire. Too long for a nickname? How about Not Watching American Idol? NWAI. That's better.

Ok. So, the three of us have been stamping together for years now. We get together, play awesome music, crack wise, make cards, and laugh a great deal. We also threaten to punch one another in the face a lot. It's usually in this context:

NWAI (to me): Did you see what B-SNAK just made?
Me: No.
B-SNAK: Look!! (holds up a ridiculously intricate and beautiful card that she made in about two seconds)
Me (to NWAI): What a little bitch.
NWAI: I'm gonna punch her in the face.
Me: She knows what she did.

Oh, to be clear: any one of us can be the little bitch in the above scenario. It's just usually B-SNAK, because she's a card-making machine.

This day was no different. It was B-SNAK's birthday, and she was on fire.

Usually, she'll look through magazines or books for ideas, and she'll limit the supplies she's using. Lately, she's been using items from kits (she's a member of an evil monthly stamp club). But, she was already five steps ahead of the game on Friday. Believe me, it was "B-SNAK is a little bitch"-this and "You know what you did"-that all morning. NWAI just jumped right in, too, like she hadn't missed a beat, and she finished 12 cards in about 5 minutes. Right back into the groove!

Me? Yes, well. You won't be surprised that my snail's pace isn't limited to just knitting and sewing. As the tornado of productivity whirled around me, I slowly made my way through my supplies, testing things out. I calibrated my expectation machine, ensuring everything was properly low. But I stayed strong. And positive.

So you can imagine that I was thrilled when I created this combination of stamps and inks:

My inside voice: Thank God I can still figure out how to put things together.
My outside voice: Who's a little bitch, now?

Woo hoo! This pleased me greatly. B-SNAK has taught me many things, and one of them is when you create a good card, make multiples. I made 10 of these. (Most of them aren't as wonky as the one on top appears.) So! Happy! The dust, the agony... all worth it!

I'll save you some legwork. Here are the specs for those cards:

Stamps: Impress - large circle of dots, thank you dot
Inks: Versamagic - Jumbo Java, Pink Petunia
Papers: Bazzill - Parakeet, Chocolate; Stampin' Up - Ultrasmooth Vanilla

In the spirit of adventurousness I tried two other things in the afternoon, and was underwhelmed. They're fine. Not terrible. Fine.


Stamps: Leavenworth Jackson - dude in hat and coat, clouds; Zettiology - tree in background; unknown company - tree stamp to represent "grass"
Inks: Versamagic - Jumbo Java; Versamark - for watermark images of clouds, "grass", and tree in background (on cream-colored part)
Paper: Fabriano card (see photo of box below)
Ephemera: little cardboard Scrabble tiles, individually cut out with little scissors and adhered with Diamond Glaze

Stamps: Zettiology - tree branch with bird; Impress - happy birthday
Inks: Versamagic - Jumbo Java, Red Brick, Aegean Blue (applied to stamp with Stampin' Up blender pen)
Paper: Fabriano card

As an aside, I heart Fabriano cards. But they are so expensive, it's ridiculous. Paper shouldn't be that expensive. Talk about some bitches.

In the third and final installment of "...the Groove", I shall regale you with the story of NWAI's and my car ride to and from B-SNAK's house. It'll kinda be like a buddy/road picture, only shorter. And without the moving pictures part. But, I assure you, there'll be just as much cursing and sass!

("Cursing and Sass" appears courtesy of Cursing and Sass, attorneys-at-law, specializing in personal injury and intellectual property.)


kim said...

Clearly I am not in the blogging groove, but I am in the knitting groove. So, I feel it will all work itself out upon project completion. I had to make a huge decision this evening when the programming gods placed Idol opposite Grey's Anatomy opposite The Office knowing the DVR would only tape two shows at once. And as we on the east coast do not want to spoil anything for anyone, let me say I'm still reeling from Grey's and wondering who got voted off Idol knowing full well that LaKisha rocked the hiz-ouse. Lovely, lovely cards. Looking forward to Part III.

Kristy said...

You so rock. Again. Or still. Which is it?

Silly me for automatically assuming that the tidbit of pink and brown from the other day was a picture of fabric?

Anyway, the stamping is really great and I love the cards. It is easy to see how stamping could be yet another black-hole of marvelous craftiness that could swallow a person whole! I will watch you stamping. I will not stamp. (Though right this very moment, I am comtemplating the three big boxes in my office/craft room closet full of stamps and inks, et al.)

Nano said...

Oh my gosh. I don't have time for stamping and card making. Stop tempting me. By the way, I knew I'd love the white pink chocolate thingy, even though, like Kristy, I assumed it was fabric as well. The cards are lovely. Tempting, very tempting.

RC said...

Evil, evil temptress

They looks so cool....

No I must look away.

Please just let me know when you are back to knitting and its safe to visit!

Ben said...

Look, I have no interest in crafting. At all. But I must say those are some lovely cards.

alib said...


and for all you fabric/yarn junkies out there, now you know how I feel every day reading about knitting this and quilting that...
(inside voice: Iwillnotbuyanymorecraftingsupplies. Cannotventureintofabric.
outside voice: look away!!

PS What a perfect birthday it was!

Ashley said...

All right, I ould not be more behind on my blog reading & commenting but I just have to say how very much I adore the bird-on-a-branch notecard. Love. So springy! Fabulous.

Also I love that you have friends that you can threaten to punch right in the face. Those are the best kinds of friends to have.