Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My tissue-paper skin

A woman slices her thumb open on a hard-boiled egg.

She is:

(a) obviously too delicate for this cold, cruel world.
(b) rushing through peeling an egg when she should've been more careful.
(c) Dr. B. -- tenderest of skins, bitterest of spirits.
(d) all of the above.

I promise to return soon with non-exam formatted entries and more crafting-related content.

In the meantime, please keep your eggs away from me.


Nano said...

Oh my... heal quickly. It's amazing how we become aware of finger usage, or lack of, when we can't use sliced fingers for a while. I cut my finger slicing a tomato. Don't ask.

By the way, I had to mention you in my blog for making me aware of the Chevron Scarf and yarn and all that. I've started my scarf, and I love it. Thanks!

tiennie said...

Ack! Hope it's better soon. When we boil eggs, I have to boil at least 18 for our family of 6 so all those hot eggs to peel - painful!

Dr. B. said...

Nano - I can't wait to see pics of your Chevron scarf. Did you go out and buy the book? And, yup, turns out I use the side of my thumb all the time. It should be better very soon.

Tiennie - Family of SIX?! EIGHTEEN eggs?! Wow. I didn't think it was possible, but there's another thing you do that is kind of superhuman.


Nora said...

Ouch!! I just pierced my index finger with a DPN... repeatedly... in the same hole!

Nano said...

I bought the book and the yarn. I've knit up about 5". Put the pics of my progress on my blog. I even joined the Chevron Scarf group. Talk about jumping on bandwagons. Only 65" to go. Whew...

Nora said...

Hey Doc - new fabrics on Superbuzzy - hurry, click:

Dr. B. said...

Nora - Ouch, indeed! That's the worst - it's like biting your tongue and then doing it over and over. And thanks for the heads-up over at Superbuzzy. They're killing me already.

Nano - Ok, ok. I'll buy the book. Yours looks great so far!