Friday, February 09, 2007

All debacles. All the time.

In theory, this should be a cute hat. The color is really lovely, and the yarn is super-soft. And who doesn't love soft things? No one.

But this hat is not cute.

It really isn't.

I'm considering adding a hip little brim to the front part. (What is that called? A "brim"? No. That can't be right. You know, the front part of a cap. Wow! Not a "bill". Sheesh.) Anyway, I have this much yarn left.

That could be enough yarn to make the front part, and then it might look hip and cool, and not like gramma's bathing cap.

You know I like to learn from my mistakes. And I think the lesson here is (oh boy) I don't like crocheted items. Don't be mad. I think they are really cute on other people. And I've seen some really cool crocheted things out in the world. In fact, when I was watching my beloved Uncommon Threads, there were some women on there who inspired me to crochet this hat in the first place. And crochet is so fast, it makes it really appealing.

I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or anything, but I think crocheted items are quite fun to make, but rarely (not never) -- in my experience -- cute. Oof.

But, hey! You know what? I've really made Debacle Week a huge success! Right? Huh? Who's with me?

Debacles for everyone!


kim said...

I think it has potential. Maybe with a flower? Or for a baby? But I'm with you on the crochet. It's fun to do, but the finished product - enh. The first picture sort of looks like a pretty sea shell. The color is lovely. At least you "rocked it just the once."

The Calico Cat said...

You know, the only croched stuff that I like were made by my great grandmother & not because they are cute (or any other nice adjective) but because they are old & were made by someone in my family a long time ago... I have a trivet that is red, white & cheddar - so not cute...

Laura said...

I don't know. I think it looks pretty cute in those pictures. I'm going to need a modelled shot before I'm going to believe that it is really not cute.

Kristy said...

Once again, you are the voice of reason and honesty. It is a harsh and maybe somewhat unpopular truth, but a truth nonetheless.

Many many years ago (more years than I care to recall, actually) I learned to crochet and I hated it so very much that it took almost 7 years before I was willing to learn to knit. I was afraid that knitting was just crocheting with two sticks.

Incidentally, I really don't think that had is so bad.

Nora said...

I'm with Laura - we definitely need a modelled shot.

Dr. B. said...

Once again, you all are just the most! Thank you for the kind support.

Calico Cat -- I feel the same way about things made by my grandmother and other relatives. So amazing for exactly those reasons.

A photo of the hat on a person, huh? We'll see about that. This hat may be going the way of the frog. But, we'll see.

Ashley said...

I think it has potential too, but--I won't tell if you don't--I hate crochet too. It's just not as pretty as knittng. Which is of course my own opinion and should not be taken as an indictment of anyone who does, in fact, like crochet.