Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Dust Gatherer

Sidekick: You're never gonna finish Quiltie.
Me: What are you talking about?
Sidekick: You haven't even touched Quiltie in months.
Me: I've been finishing Christmas presents.
Sidekick: Yeah. Ok.
Me: What! It's February! I have to finish my Christmas presents.
Sidekick: Poor Quiltie.
Me: Dude. Christmas. Do you know it? It's in December.
Sidekick: Poor, poor Quiltie.
Me: (resigned) Yes, honey. Poor Quiltie.

I begrudgingly admit I may've mismanaged the Los Angeles cold snap, not grabbing big ole Quiltie, the queen-sized quilt, and working on it while the weather was right for it. My Sidekick is absolutely right.

There are some perfectly good reasons for this, and I'd like to start with the main one. But to be most effective, this will require some participation on your part. Is that OK? Ok. Do me a favor. Snap your fingers. Just one snap is fine. How long was that noise you made? Really? Well, that was how long it was cold in LA. Cold. SNAP. I don't care what anyone else tells you. That's why they call it a "snap".

Second, and also within reason, I've been finishing all those delicious Christmas gifts, including the belle of the ball -- the heating pad cover.

All six velcro pieces and the little label have been sewn on, and it's off to my beloved SIL tomorrow. I decided to leave the applique adventure for another time. With all your tips and encouragement, this will likely be sooner rather than later. Thank you to everyone who chimed in to help with the decision-making and support!

Also, at my mom's work, "climate control" apparently means "make it bone-chillingly cold." So, once the second Fetching mitt has a thumb, the pair will be off to her straight away. (If only my mom were making a queen-sized quilt! Curses!)

Still to complete: a dark grey pair of socks, a pair of grey socks with bullying tendencies, one lone sock to complete a pair, and that god-forsaken Star Wars hat. It'll be 80 degrees this weekend, and there'll be a football game on. Perfect for knitting all those things.

Hang in there, Quiltie. Someone needs to gather all that dust. It might as well be you, little fella.


Nora said...

Are those little sts done by hand? I'm doing some sashiko embroidery at the moment and I keep hearing your mantra from a previous post: "tiny sts, TINY sts..."!

kim said...

Okay, how does one get buy-in on taking until February to dole out the Christmas gifts? Because I want me some of that! Lovely work.

Dr. B. said...

Nora - Yup. By hand. They're not really that small. I'll look forward to seeing your fancy embroidery!

Kim - What are they gonna do, be all "No, I don't want those presents, it's February"? Nope. A person can only do what a person can do. And I am lucky enough to have loved ones who are kind and patient (albeit sockless) people.

kim said...

Well, Dr. B., I'm pretty sure my sister would have been willing to wait for her Fetching Mitts. She's quite the sport that one.

tiennie said...

Poor quiltie! She will see the light of day soon.

Anonymous said...

There's a reason why I always send Happy New Year Cards and not Xmas cards: I can send that New Year Greeting out as late as March 3rd and nobody'll think twice, boyeee!

Xmas gifts are for those with no committments/responsibilities. NEW YEAR'S GIFTS, on the other hand...well...that's the way to go. Chinese New Year is even better.



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