Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Half-Fetching review

One Fetching mitt. My left hand. Meh.


1. As promised, this mitt knits up quickly and requires but a tiny speck of yarn.

2. It matches my brother's hat, and that makes me happy. I realize that may not be an up-side for you, but it's worth noting that it's leftover yarn from that hat -- the yummily soft Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted (100% Superwash Wool) in color 102. Mineshaft!

3. How can Mineshaft! be anything but an up-side?


1. Tiny cable needles. I wanted to try making the cables without a cable needle, but I didn't. This was not Fetching's fault. This was Slime Corner's fault for having another outage in my area, preventing me from going online for the awesome Grumperina tutorial. So I had to wrestle with the little cable needle, and that was tedious.

2. Stripes and cables. Again, not Fetching's fault. I went a different direction from the solid yarn it called for, and maybe it works, maybe it doesn't.

3. My apparently super-long thumbs. As written, the pattern's thumb part is a little short for me, not providing the thumb coverage I desire. My lower thumb is all exposed, making me look like a real floozy.

Hey! Sidebar: Just now, as I was trying to think of something really long to compare to my thumbs (e.g., giraffes' necks are long, spaghetti noodles are sometimes long), I got stumped for a good one. So, I Googled "long things." Yes I did. Unfortunately, this yielded results for "how long things take." Not helpful. So I tried "list of long things". Yes. Maybe this could help... Oh, no. Not what I was looking for. But I do now know that the record for "Beard - female" is 11 inches.

Never let it be said that Dr. B. doesn't use every resource at her disposal to bring you quality content.

I'll test out the no-cable-needle method on the Right Mitt for my next fun adventure.

What? So I used "adventure" when I should've used "geeking out." And? What is your point?


Kristy said...

Oh your left mitt is quite fancy. (That is sure a racy picture of your thumb hanging out there like some sort of thumb-tramp!) I am starting to really fear that I am going to fall into the mitt knitting frenzy.

I am a HUGE fan of the cabling-without-a-cable-needle route. I haven't seen the Grumperina's instructions but I learned from Wendy at wendyknits.com.

This is a great tutorial.

kim said...

Wow, so much thumb. So daring! I think the left one looks great. I've always been sceered to not use a cable needle. Godspeed with that. The only thing I don't like about this pattern is the way the top tends to curl. But what do I care? After all, my sister is probably using them to insulate her cup holders.

tiennie said...

Fetching is all over blogland but I've never seen them in your variegated yarn - I like!

Kirsten said...

Cabling without a cable needle is the way to go. You'll wonder why anyone would do it any other way! I always used to lose those stupid little things in the middle of a project.

I really like the yarn you used. IMHO it's not too stripey.