Friday, January 12, 2007

The cutest stamps you ever saw

Brace yourself, people.

Are you bracing?

I give you a rubber stamp from the genius that is The Small Object.

Check. Out. These. Stamp. Sets.

Yeah, boo hoo hoo is right.

(I'm getting ever-nearer to a completed heating pad cover, one flower at a time. Why must I make things so difficult?! WHY? I thank you for your continued patience and support.)


Nora said...

I bought some gift tags from them just b4 Xmas - very cute!

Nano said...

Love the cute stamps and other objects at that website. And if it's any consolation, procratination is my middle name followed very closely by MTD (making things difficult). Just think of the satifaction (or is it relief?) when you're done.

Nano said...

Procratination? I left off the 'S'. Must have been procrastinating when I typed.

tiennie said...

I totally understand you wanting things just so. You'll be much happier with your FO that way!

ali said...

yeah for a stamping post!!
love the little helmet pal.
a little claudia rose with a bit of rubbermoon thrown in for good measure--taa daa!!

Laura said...

holy cow, the cuteness! it makes my teeth hurt!

thanks for all your nice comments and moral support. i need it. :)