Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Renovations are more fun than laundry

I realize this is a very low bar I'm setting -- the _____-is-more-fun-than-laundry bar -- but, you know what? Sometimes it's important to state the obvious.

Playing with new layouts and colors on the blog is fun. Laundry is not. You could also express this in the following form: fun > not fun. (Even math seems fun compared to laundry!)

So, I'm tinkering around a bit. We'll see where it gets us. Let me know what you think! (Unless you think laundry is fun. And in that case, I'm not gonna hate on your hustle, but I will not be persuaded. So please, if you are a "I heart doing laundry" person, just keep it under your [very clean] hat. I thank you.)

Oh, also! Do the hipsters call it "blog-o-vations" instead of "renovations"? Or do they say "I'm getting a blog-over"? Or, "I'm going from bo-ring to cha-ching?" I'm sure the kids are saying some cool thing out there, but I sure don't know what it is. Meh. Get off my lawn!


tiennie said...

I like the new color. Are you done playing around?

Dr. B. said...

Hey Tienne - Thanks for the thumbs up on the color! I may still tinker a bit, but I like the overall feel of these colors. (I also really like having the labels/categories in the sidebar.)

Nora said...

Looks good! Sorry, can't help with the lingo - am soooo not with it these days! x

Nano said...

The new look is very nice. Categorizing, the color, the whole shebang (very unhip word). The last time I tried to "hip talk". my daughter politely told me to give it up. There you have it.

mue said...

I love the new look! And about that laundry...although my hat is pretty clean, I have to agree that most anything is more fun than laundry - even a root canal, if you get nitrous oxide!