Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rules of the road and cute items to behold

Being relatively new to this blogging thing, I'm still learning some of the rules. Some are pretty obvious -- cite sources, don't identify people who don't want to be identified, don't be a jerk, and the like. (You know what I want to bring back? Calling people "turkey" -- for example, I could've just said, "...don't be a turkey, and the like." Can't seem to get it off the ground, though.)

Anyway, there's the whole "don't steal stuff from other people" rule. Pretty straightforward. I'm not gonna copy and paste someone else's blog post and call it my own. (That one always shocks me.) I'm not going to steal bandwidth; I learned all about that here. But the images rule always confuses me. If I make really clear that the image is from elsewhere and not my own, and I link the image to the site of the person/place/thing that the image came from, is that ok?

The reason I ask is because I just got the Yarn Market newsletter, and I wanted to show you this particular item, but then I got all nervous. So, instead of posting the picture, I ask that you go look at it and come back. Let me just say that that item is so crazy great, I'm tempted to spend the $90 on the yarn to make it. I won't. But I'm tempted.

I guess the good news is, if I had posted the picture of the item here, you might've blamed me for you shoving your computer screen and saying, "Get out!" at the sight of it. Now, at least there's a little distance between me and it. Bright side!

What I know for sure I can show you is the following. Look at what my brother, my SIL, and her 9 year-old niece got me for Christmas:

I'll give you a closer look. But first you must know that they hand-selected each of these fabrics, folded them all cute like that, and tied them up in ribbons to make these adorable little fat-quarter bundles (which I've taken to calling "bundules"). This was no hop-on-over-to-Purl-and-grab-the-pro's-bundles. Nope. They themselves are the pros here.

Marvel at their skills:


I am in awe. And I can't wait to start making things. THINGS!!

(Hey, should I make that little coat? No, right? That would be ridiculous. Huh. In fact, now that I think about it, I'd be a real turkey if I made a $90 coat for a baby.)


Sidekick said...

The last fat quarter looks like an oogly monster, with big boogly eyes. Very scary.

And she's right, people, the SIL and her kin are pros. Don't let anyone say otherwise.

Nora said...

Love the fat 1/4s!!

As for making the baby coat - er, NO! If you want to make a coat, make one for yourself - here's the link (remove the space betweem 'my _friend'.) _friend_flicc.html

We could make it together (so to speak).

Just sayin'... x

tiennie said...

Fantastic gifts! Can't wait to see what you do with all of it. Me, I'd probably just look at it, finger it from time to time and just sigh.. What is it about us quilters that cut up perfectly good fabric only to put it back together again?

Dr. B. said...

Yes, Sidekick, scary monsters live in my fabrics. It's true.

Tiennie, I'd love to think I'm actually going to use these fabrics, but you may be onto something with the fingering and sighing.

And, Nora. Nora. Nora. What have you done? Well. I'll tell you. You've made me go buy that pattern (and the Giotto sock pattern too while I was there). And I think we should totally make that coat. It won't be nearly as fast as a baby coat, but it will certainly fit me better than a baby coat will.

Kristy said...

That coat is adorable. I saw that coat and immediately thought, "Who do I know who has a little girl that I love enough to knit a $90 coat that will be worn for 2 MAYBE part of a third seasons?" I haven't thought of anyone yet but if I do, I might not be able to resist. I guess that is the question.

Also, I agree with Sidekick: that does look like an oogly monster. The fabric is beautiful but not being a quilter, the only thing I might use such bundules for would be to line knitted-then-felted bags! :)

Kim said...

Dr. B, I don't get all the rules either. It should not be so confusing. LOVE the coat. Love it! I can't resist making baby clothes. Thanks a lot. No really.

Nano said...

Love love love the bundules.

And now I'm wondering if I've ever stolen anything online unknowingly. I may have to be more careful and make a public blog apology. Can I link to your post, if/ when I do?

Kristy said...

I forgot to say in my previous comment...I think bringing back turkey is a good idea. I will get on this bandwagon with you.

Nora said...

Re "our" coat: Don't worry BIG NEEDLES = briskness, rapidity and acceleration!! (I think!)

And what's with the disclaimers?

Nano, you do NOT need to apologise for anything babe. If you did in fact "steal" something unintentionally... BIG DEAL! God! Like we don't have anything else to worry about!

Look, you're all welcome to take whatever you want from my sites! TAKE THE LOT!! WHO CARES!
I should make a public announcement or something...

Anyway, back to "our" coat... Dr B, I'm ready when you are. x

seth said...

make the coat! make the coat!