Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Online stores of painfully cute proportions

Nora over at Black Dog Knits has my back. I mean, really. She made sure I didn't knit an overpriced baby coat, she redirected me to a delicious adult coat option instead, and then offered a coat-along to boot. Then. Then! She gave me not one, but TWO heads-up about online stores with crazy cute Japanese fabrics.

First, she alerted me that the unbelievably adorable Kitty Craft shop has re-opened. Great! I've been waiting and waiting for them to re-open! I promptly zipped on over there, only to find that many fabrics were sold out. I was very sad about this.

Then! Knowing I was sad about this development, she sent me a link to SuperBuzzy.

Now. Pay close attention here. (I'm particularly talking to you PIC, B-SNAK, SIL, and Mue.) Super. Buzzy. Has. Awesome. Shit.

Safety disclaimer/advice/aside #1: Go get your teeth protectors. Put them on. As much as I'd love to help, I can't really do anything from here if you bust your teeth from all the cuteness that you're about to behold. (Even if I were there, it's not like I'm a dentist or anything, so fat lot of good I'd do anyway.)

Aside #2: That safety disclaimer reminds me of a poster that my boyfriend in college had in his dorm room. He'd gotten it from his high school's nurse's office. It said, "Safety is a constant battle. You can never relax." This always cracked us up. You can never relax! Isn't that hilarious?

Ok. Enough with the asides. Everybody ready? I'm gonna give you some highlights. There are many, many more cute things. Go check them out after viewing this sampler.

(This is not meant to hurt you. It's only out of love. All love.)

Notions & Trims, bitches!

BEES???!! On cloth ribbons??

Yup. Now look at this little brown dog sniffing white flowers:

Don't like flowers, just like dogs? Well:

Love girls?

Ok. Now. The killer.

Sit down all over again. Are you re-sitting?

Lammies. A doggie. A little fellow with a cap and red pail. And a little saying.

"Wake up on the grass."

Wake up on the grass?! But, safety is a constant battle! I can never relax! Waking up on the grass doesn't seem safe. Can that be safe? Waking up on the grass implies you either (1) accidently or on purpose fell asleep on the grass/were relaxing or (2, and even worse) you fell asleep elsewhere but somehow ended up on the grass! "Wake up on the grass" could mean all kinds of things. None of them safe!

Well, while this doesn't seem like sage advice, it's a ridiculously cute piece of trim.

So! Stick any of these trims on a piece of cardstock, and you've got yourself a greeting card. Double it over, sew it up, and you've got yourself a bookmark. Or, add it to some fabric item, and you're rocking some serious flair. Trims!

Go into the world. Explore the glorious cuteness. And if you can find some way to both relax and be safe, I encourage you to do so at this time.


Kirsten said...

There are teeth all over the floor here. They just popped right out seeing all of that cuteness!
I must get me some of that "wake up on the grass" ribbon!!!! Perhaps to trim a little knitting?

kim said...

Very cute indeed. I love the dogs sniffing white flowers. And that Nora? Well, the only blogs I comment on are yours, hers, and Crazy Aunt Purl's. Top notch all.

Leslie said...

Oh, the cuteness! I could spend my entire DAY surfing the net for these cute things. If only time and money were no object!

vt said...

OH MY GOD. What are you doing? Trying to bancrupt me? I went to the site and saw at least 10 fabrics that I HAVE to have. Ugh. Did you see the little kimono fabric? How about the balancing birds? I'm so there. Thanks. (that thanks was sarcastic, genuine, and a little frantic all at once... I know that it's hard to tell over email.)

Ben said...

Look, I do not do any crafting. I am not even that interesting in crafting. But your blog is too funny, and this post is the best one yet. I will always keep reading it, even if it seems to be all about crafting.

Nora said...

You. Are. Sooooo. Funny!


BTW: Certain Sydney crafters took exception to my posting their "top secret" Japanese links and are making my life hell. DO YA BELIEVE IT?? IT'S TRUE! I'm taking a day or 2 to recover and then I'll post about it. (It's been recommended I calm down prior to posting.)

The same crafters emailed me that "they do NOT teach design at medical school so what would I know about sewing zakka sacs etc".


Laura said...

My teeth are ACHING! Gah! The lammies!

Dr. B. said...

Oh you guys are the best! It's so great to know that you were all sharing in my glee, losing teeth left and right from the cuteness! Oh, well except for Ben who, God bless him, endures the craftiness for a good laugh. Flattery indeed!

SIL said...