Sunday, January 07, 2007

Say when.

The heating pad cover might be done. But, as I mentioned yesterday, it also might not be. Let's take a closer look and evaluate together.

The back? Sewed to the front and all hemmed up. Good to go.

This part?

See all those raggedy, unsightly strings right at the join where the hem comes together? That there is your Locus of Authenticity of a Handmade Item. Proof positive that a human made it. Look for it on all your fine goods. Done and done.

The innards? Well, here's what the heating pad will see as it enters its new snug quarters:

Looking good.

But now, here's the part we just can't know for sure. All we can do is discuss and then decide using a little imagination and our best judgement.

The front in its current state:

It's fine. (It actually doesn't look as jacked up in person. The light was just hitting it funny.)

But don't you think it's missing something?

Like say... these?

If I go this route, I plan to blanket-stitch around the flowers and leaves in white, so I added those in to the photo digitally to give a sense of what it might look like finished.

I did the same below. Oh, but you have to imagine a third pink flower in the lower left-hand corner.

Imagine I'd also stitch around this flower and all the leaves:

I kind of lost steam there at the end with the options, because I kinda think there's a clear winner now that I look at them.

But what do you think? As is? Two flowers? Three flowers? One flower and a cluster of leaves? These are your options.

Let's hear it. I won't know for sure until I hear from all of you.

(Oh, you could also say I should start over and scrap the whole thing. But, why would you do that? That couldn't possibly be one of your new year's resolutions, could it? Telling people to scrap their items? No. I shan't even think it.)


Leslie said...

I like the two-flower option. Cute!

Nora said...

Yup, same here - 2 flowers.

kim said...

What they said. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Yep, Two flower works best, creates balance and order.

Nano said...

Geez... really I'm not just going along with everyone else. I like the first photo with the 2 flowers. Yep. I do.

Kristy said...

I'm for the two flowers, too. But I must admit, the minimalist in me is begging me to vote for the "as is" option. I think it is beautiful with no further embellishments.

~Lori said...

Not even the evillest part of me would tell you to scrap it. I think the two-flower option is best, also. (Baaaaaa.)

SIL said...

oh man! that's rough. FROM the photos - I really like the last one the best - one flower at top with just the cluster of leaves at the bottom (maybe the other flower on the back? or not?). HOWEVER, it may be different in person. I really think you should decide all yourseff, cuz, well, you've done the rest by yourseff and, for peter's sake, look at it! You decide Wyrabix - you'll do it best!

Dr. B. said...

I thought we were all set there with the two flowers. That was what looked right to me, too. And then Kristy and her minimalism and my SIL with her "maybe put a flower ON THE BACK" ideas came along.

There'll be some sleeping on it, I'll tell you that right now.

Thank you so much -- all of you -- for weighing in. It really helps!!

vt said...

I love all the options. At first I thought my fave was the 2 flowers, bu then the flower on top w/ leaves at the bottom has been really growing on me... It's just hard to say. The good news is that it's GORGEOUS!