Tuesday, January 09, 2007

An open letter from one sock to another

Dear Sock Tube # 1,

Hey there. It's me -- the sock that used to be a cuff (I put a picture up there to remind you of who I am.) Even though we weren't part of the same pair, we spent quite a bit of time together, you and I. You always had so much to say about how small and skinny I was. You insulted me when there was no cause for it. I reached out to you with forgiveness and understanding, and maybe I lashed out once. But, I was just defending myself. Mostly, I thought we were friends.

Then, the minute I got this heel, poof! You're out of sight. And not in a good way, like, "I really dig you. You're outta sight!" Like, you're just not around me anymore. Yes, you don't have a heel, but no, I don't think that makes you a bad sock. You're just a sock-in-progress. I wish you could see that.

I don't understand. Have you moved on to another cuff somewhere because it's cuter or funnier? Or is it just smaller? Should I have been quieter? Should I have my heel removed because it makes me seem like a show-off? Wow. I just don't think so. But, why oh why would you just not come around anymore? It's gotta be the new heel. But I need a heel to be a sock!

I guess I'll just forge on. Crazy how I could think I should be a sock without a heel. But, when someone important takes off right as I start coming into my own, it makes a sock question things. Like, what is a sock anyway?

Anyway big bully sock, I hope you're well, wherever you are. Just wanted to let you know I'll have a foot and toes soon. And I was hoping you'd come back around sometime. You know, for old times' sake.

Your other belated-Christmas-present friend,

The dark grey sock
(nee "Sock Cuff")

P.S. Who's a stubbit now?!


Kristy said...

Forge on, little Dark Grey sock. You don't need that foul-tempered tube to validate you. You are going to be a beautiful sock one day. Don't sacrifice your brand new heel just because a former friend is being self-centered!

Kirsten said...

That brand new heel really suits you, Little Dark Grey sock, wear it proudly! Don't worry about your nasty "friend" he's probably just off sulking in the UFO pile.

tiennie said...

Shine bright little Dark Grey sock!

Nora said...

Dude, come back when you get a toe, until then... YOU'RE STILL A CUFF - ok, a cuff.5!