Monday, January 01, 2007

Check out these balls and HNY!

How were your holidays? I totally missed you!

Good news is: we're back! Bigger and ballier than ever for oh-seven. I've got lots of holiday haul to share -- books, fabrics, photos of flowers. We'll start here for today:

Three balls. One happy lady.

These Socks That Rock yarns are a gift from The People Whose Awesome Genes Made Dr. B. (TPWAGMDB)-- also known as my parents. Let's just call them TP WAG for short from now on. The colors, for those interested, are Chapman Springs (the blue-ish one), X-mas Rock (the yellow one), and Farmhouse (the other one).

One day, those balls will become socks, and someone will wear them on their feet, and no one will ever suspect they're made of balls. Except us. We'll know. And we'll laugh real quiet-like to ourselves.

Because, while you can take your hank of yarn and use a fancy swift and/or ball winder to make a center-pull arrangement as seen here, I did these old school -- carefully draping the skein around my knees and getting a nice little arm workout to make straight-up balls. Yeah, it means I have to put them in a little bag so they don't roll away while I'm knitting. So? And? What's your point? I have some yarns that just sit there while the yarn comes out the top. Big deal. These are balls. Balls roll. Let's just come to terms with it.

Oh, and hey sockers, you know what? The Blue Moon Fiber Arts site (where one would find these delicious yarns) is all new and improved and fancy and great. It says they'll have their new colors up on January 17. Also, has anyone done the sock club? If so, what was your experience with it?

Did I mention I missed you? It's true! I'm so looking forward to an amazing 2007 together, filled with crafty goodness of all kinds. May we all be happy, healthy, and full of love for all things glorious. And may our powers for good reign supreme. Happy New Year, everyone.


Anonymous said...
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Kristy said...

Happy New Year to you, too, Dr. B!! Congratulations on the new balls. They are lovely. I keep hoping some of that Farmhouse from STR will magically appear at my house, too.

I am so looking forward to what you will have for us in the year to come. Happy Creating!

kim said...

Hey, Dr. B, nice balls! I made a sweater last year out of Cascade Ecological Wool (478 yds/skein). Oh, how I dreaded the winding. Anyway, Happy New Year!

tiennie said...

Happy New Year to you!!!

Nora said...

HNY to you too. And I love the balls. x

Nano said...

Awwwww.... I missed you too. Happy New Year, Happy Creativity, Happy Happy... It's gonna be a good year.