Friday, February 23, 2007


Today's lesson is on Random Acts of Kindness. I think we can all learn a little something here.

Frequent commenter, spearheader of Knit a Square for Grandmother Purl, and all-around nice person Kristy just sent me this Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn:

And these stitch markers... that she made.

Aren't they beautiful? Doesn't that little flower bead just kick it right over?

She said it was just a little something since I'd just had Debacle Week and all.

Who is that nice?
She is, apparently.

Here's a very important piece of information: I only know Kristy from the blogging. We "met" via the world wide web when I was the first one to send in squares for the Gramma Purl project. Ever since then, despite many serious crises befalling her and her family, she has never ceased to come by my blog and leave a comment that is kind and supportive.

Oh, yeah. And then she sent gifts.

People. Seriously. Come on. If everyone in the world were as thoughtful as she is, the world would be a lovely place indeed.

Thank you, Kristy, for the beautiful gifts and the online support. And for reminding us all that, no matter what we may have going on, we can always do something kind for someone.

(Hey! Guess who's getting a thank you card?)


RC said...

I know! She is that nice! She gifted me recently too, its just crazy!
And WOW those stitchmarkers are purty.... I many just have a little talk with her about a set!

tiennie said...

Lucky you! Those are great gifts.

Nora said...

These are gorgeous! I remember one of your posts from Xmas whereby you mentioned my st markers - AND I'VE BEEN MEANING TO SEND YOU A SET EVER SINCE... (I'm not shouting - just excited!)
So, please email your postal address:
(I'll hound you until you comply.)

Kristy said...

I am so glad your package arrived safely! As much as I want to deny my love for the beads, I can't. I was pretty happy with the way the stitch markers came out.