Friday, March 02, 2007

Anne Lamott

Check it out.

You like Anne Lamott, right? You know, she wrote Operating Instructions and Bird by Bird and tons of other great stuff. She's a magnificent genius. And! She has a new book coming out called Grace (Eventually); Thoughts on Faith. That's cool, right?

But even better? The book tour.

Anne Lamott will be all over the place -- well, all over the US -- reading from her new book, signing your copy of that book, and being cool in real life and stuff.

For those of you in NYC, she'll be there March 20th. For the LA crowd, she'll be in Pasadena at Vroman's Bookstore March 28th. For those of you in Texas, looks like there's a big event in Austin May 15th that you can buy tickets for online. For the full data, check out the US schedule.

But check it out ASAP. Her San Francisco appearance at the end of March is already sold out.

Just thought you'd wanna know.

(Thanks to Kelly Kilmer on ArtGangLA for the tip!)

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Nano said...

I hadn't heard of Anne Lamott until reading this. I checked her books out on the Amazon links and will be buying Bird By Bird. Thanks for the enlightenment.